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bowtieorbust 07-19-2003 11:19 PM

cam advice
Has anyone tried the Lunati,cam #00016 with 284,ADV DUR. and 218 @ 50. with 458 lift. with power from 1500 to 5200 rpm, for a chevy s/b engine.Would like to know if its a good daily driver cam for a 350 s/b,with 9.3 on comp,and World Product s/r torquer heads. An M20 Muncie 4 speed,and 3:40 gears,in a 3900 lbs. short bed c10 truck?:confused:

Badlilstang 07-19-2003 11:48 PM

Sounds like the cam i ran in my S10.. had a small block 355 in it.. good cam for tq and considering your truck is 3900 lbs it sounds like a good choice.... just dont go so big that you start to lose tq down low.

78 monte 07-20-2003 12:38 PM

Sounds like a good choice for a street truck.A dual pattern of the same intake duration(218/224 etc...) would of been my choice thought.But sounds good should be torquy and havea slight lope.

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