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1meancuda 03-21-2002 09:40 AM

A cam dilema
Since I don't really know too much about my Mopar 440, I spent a little time in the university library looking for information. Lucky for me they have shop manuals going back to 1940! I found basically everything I needed except for the cam specs. An interesting note is that this engine is rated at 195HP@3600RPM's ( :eek: :( :confused: ) but has a torque rating of 320@2000RPM's.
Also, when I was looking at valve lift, all they had was for the 440 High Performance engine, which I'm pretty sure mine is not!! :( (well, at least it isn't yet ;) )
So, if anyone knows what the stock cam was in a 1978 Chrysler 440, leave me a message or send me an e-mail. It's not going to be very big as this was smack in the middle of the whole emissions era. Any recommendations on a cam?

Jim Weeks 03-21-2002 06:45 PM

I have an old spec book that lists the information on a 1978 440 stock cam. There are a whole lot of specifications so if I miss what you are looking for let me know and I will take another look.

Rocker ratio - 1.50 Valve lift Intake - .434 exhaust - .430 Intake valve timing - opens 20 degrees BTDC, closes 60 degrees ABC, duration 260 degrees. Exhaust valve timing opens 70 degrees BBC, closes 18 degrees ATC duration 268 degrees, overlap is 38 degrees.

Hope this helps.

1meancuda 03-21-2002 08:52 PM

So what kind of duration should I look for in a cam? I want to go slightly bigger than stock, but small enough to not kill me as it will be a daily driver.

Jooooooe 03-22-2002 03:38 PM

Jegs sales Mopar performance parts Purple Shafts, which make excellent cams. The 2 lightest profiles are (1). .268/284 duration .450/.458 lift (2). 280/280 duration .474/.474 lift. Either of these would make really good street cams with out sacrificing reliablity. On a Mopar engine, I would say you could probably go even hotter without sweeting it since V8 Mopar engines for the most part are bullet proof.

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