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Originally Posted by F-BIRD'88 View Post
Why don't you build it and find out.
A stock un modified 305 head will really limit the power.
If you want the 305 to work and the cam to work the heads need to flow
Either fully port or replace. 1.94x 1.50 best.
You got to be willing to work the heads.
You are right and I'm not going to type out 30 years of experience.
The cr matters. But 10:1 is too high for a boat motor.
but just right for the street and critical.

Not a bad fun lil 305 motor for a Camaro or Malibu or light street rod. 330 ish HP. maybe more.
remember, likes gear and a converter.
built 305's need to rev up. the gears and converter make it fun and spunky on the street.

Here is a .040" over 305 10:1 plan I'd be tempted to add a 1.6 rocker to the intake side with that cam and ported heads.
Cleaned up vortecs shaved to 58cc and a RPM intake would rock on this 305.
you have my attention f-bird. my local boneyard has a 97 l30 in a wrecked cheyenne. i am on the fence. this would be a 1500 dollar fresh roller build up. it'd be one heckava fuel saver in an s-10. im really on the fence! it would be really easy to talk me into this. make it easy for me and tell me more of you opinions for this ideah you have f-bird. summit has this awsome kit for 350 bucks shipped with .040 silvolite flattop valve relieved pistons. i would need an intake manifold, double roller gear set and somehow find a timing cover for it(opinions please), heads would be redone and block done, by reputable machinist. reuse old camshaft and lifters maybe? doesnt the l30 share a camshaft with the l31? Either way im up to about 2 grand. if i do the other old style engine its cheaper but if i build this l30...itll probably never leave the engine bay of this s-10 ever. and it will be totally fast enough in this s-10 and fuel efficient. if you think im on the right track i may actually go through with this for the extra 1000 dollars. should i use the l30 heads or mill the l31's? i dont alot about milled heads but i understand the intake would need milled to match? and as well, valvetrain instability? i would not mill l31 heads if this were the case and if the l30s are just not going to cut the mustard i will not do this build. im trying to make this easy now because i feel like i have annoyed some you helfull guys.
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