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NitrousJunkie 05-04-2005 03:44 PM

Cam Guru Needed.....
Well first of all I'm new to, but have already found alot of usefull information and I'm real excited about learning onto my question.

I need someone who knows valve train to help me get a good cam for my setup, here's what I'm running....

SBC 355 - 1977-1979 Block - Hardened ARP main bolts (4 bolt main)
Eagle Forged Crank
Eagle Forged Rods - H-Beam - 6"
Wiseco Forged Pistons - 8:5-1 Compression
GM "847" Heads - 2.02/1.60 Valves - 3 Angle Valve Job - No Flow #'s Yet
1.6 Ratio Roller Rockers

Tranny -

I'm either looking at a TH350, 200r4 or possibly a powerglide.
Leaning Towards a 3200-3500 Stall
The Rear end Ratio is 4.10

This is going to be a nitrous motor, the plan is for a 100-250+ Shot.
The motor is going in a light car (2900 Lbs) so I'm looking for a 3500 - 7500 RPM Range -

Any suggestions on ways to avoid valve float or any other high RPM problems are appreciated.

Really appreciate the help! :thumbup:


GoneNova/406 05-04-2005 05:51 PM

always nice to talk to someone from the home state,i'm from spirit lake,ia..bubby is this your first motor.i was able to find head # 487 but not 847 is that what you meant?it sounds like you are a novice and this is alot of motor for a novice both to operate and to take care of.and trusst me,there will be alot of takinf care of.anyway the best advice i or probaly anyone can give you is to get on your email first and if you don't get a reply from some you'll have to use the phone,but get hold of about four cam companies and tell the tech guys your plan and ask what they recommend.there should be one cam you can choose out of all the info they give of them may be way off but the rest of them should recommend something similar and you can get one cam from that would be easier if nitrous wasn't involded but since it is i'd do it this get a list of cam companies from your search engine and choose the ones closest to you for phone charges if you have to call them.good luck.

NAIRB 05-04-2005 07:00 PM

I think your expectations concerning power band are a little out of line with an open chamber head and flat top pistons. Max RPM is going to be 6500 Max, with peak power coming in around 6000 RPM. With the juice on, you will probably shift around 6 grand.

You need to stay conservative when it comes to cam choice, and that is due to your lack of static compression. If you choose a nitrous designed cam, it is going to sport a wider lobe separation angle, and that will make the engine a little more flexible and more suitable to the lower compression ratio.

My choice for your engine would be a Comp NX268H, nitrous grind. It will still run well without the juice on. If you go wilder on the cam, it's going to be a dog when it's off the bottle. You have enough stall and gear, along with the light weight, it should run well.


NitrousJunkie 05-04-2005 07:38 PM

Yes I'm a definant novice :D Still learning.
I got your e-mail Brian, I appreciate the insight - I'm gonna check up on that cam and that will more than likely be my choice, thanks again.


Siggy_Freud 05-04-2005 08:38 PM

Also keep in mind that unless you run a pretty hefty cam, your not going to need a stall so large with a light car and those gears.

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