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cam and heads and valve spring mismatch.

.040 flattop pistons 305ci with edelbrock rpm camshaft 204/214 112cl, lift IN.403-EX.448 holley spreadbore intake with rochester q-jet and summit distributor, .016 head gasket with vortec l31 heads resurfaced and freshened up, also flattened out any "low hanging fruit" . makes about 1 hp per CI at 5000 rpm and 320 ft/lb of torque at 4500 rpm. that is great numbers for what i am looking for. im pretty excited about this engine. this 305 doesnt appear to be the turd on the desktop dyno that my buddies are poking fun about. in a little s-10 this thing will burn through tires like like a 5 year old making toast. at cruise rpm(2000), this engine should make neer 100 hp and 280 ft/lb torque at 2000 rpms cruising. this will be amazing. gas mileage should be happy as well with a 3.08 diff gear and lockup converter. the build is in process and having progress. looking for little bits of info. can i put a camshaft for a 1988-1995 engine in a flat hyd. engine from 1984? the cam i have is flat tappet and states that it is for a 1988 and newer flat tappet/roller blocks. note that i am using inline fuel pump not mechanical dont need the fuel pump lobe. also would the valve springs from factory vortec L31 heads be ok for flat tappet camshafts? do i need new springs and such to run vortecs on older flat tappet blocks? got my 305 build comin right along. lookin for some tech help. thanx and be sure to leave some constructive criticism as well. im new at this and i would like to be sure i am staying on the right track. ive yet to purchase the head gasket valve springs 1.52 roller tip comp magnum rockers, and carburetor jets and such. any advice on any of my purchases would be wildley helpfull as i am ready to purchase now.

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