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Originally Posted by spinn View Post
3000 rpms up the driveway? Why would you do that?

If you drive normal you cannot even tell its there. A 3000 rated will only footbrake test till 2200. Less in a 305. Dynamic converters make custom stalls. The one they built me is perfect. It even uses the GNX core, for that grand national type acceleration. I cant think of any driving condition it would negatively impact. Towing, I don't know? I towed 7500+ lbs on a wt distribution hitch. The trans was fine. At 65 Im at 2800rpm. Not terrible.

Every car today has at least 2400-2600 stall.

Again It will not even be noticeable. Until you use it. Consider it part of the basic muscle car package.
im so green behind the ears that the torque converter thing you just explained i had no clue of those facts. did not realize that. i thought converters only force the car to move after a certain fluid volume is reached to make a certain pressure to spin the pump. thank you for the advice it unlocks yet another peice to the puzzle that i had absolutely no clue about. i once had a triple cylider snowmobile that had stiff spring and light weights in the centrifigal clutch. trying to pull up to a gas pump with it could potentially rip your arms off. thought the high stall converters had the same affect. just common physics sense. im good a billiards hahaha. could use some info on valve springs and camshaft useable dates.
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