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Originally Posted by 27TRoadsterguy View Post
OK and thanks to all..... so now that I am enlightened about not using synthetics, when I am putting the cam and lifters in, what do I use on the cam bearings at assembly, and the lifter faces(cam contact point) as I am installing these items.

Dave.... that 292 is a neat engine. It has a fantastic exhaust note at 6000 rpm. I have found a set of +0.125" pistons, the next evolution, 320 cid.

FBird, looking at the Moly line up, my choice would be AS65 or AS40 on the cam lobes, and lifter cups and faces, and MolyE on the cam bearings and in the initial oil fill. Many thanks...

Now I need to find the products....CTC, Automotive Warehouse, and Parts Source have NO Moly products at all, the only moly product at McLeod Rd CTC AND Part Source was CTC's own brand of moly hp grease, if they had any of the Moly products, they are well hidden and not in their computers.
I didn't try Jack Dow, I didn't think to go there which is not unusual, Jack was a friend of mine for over 40 years. He was parts manager at a GM dealership called Motorville when got me the long block Camaro Z28 302 CID engine and big block Corvette side pipes that i converted my 65 MGB into a Cobra killer with. Took him for a ride in it from which he emerged a changed man. Thats another story.......but quite truthfully I find it difficult to go to Jacks store, too many memories, he was a great guy. I still miss him. I will try there tomorrow.

My thanks to all for the great info.....thats why I come learn and do it right the first time.
Ya Jack was a real character for sure and a good guy. Always had a joke, pun or funny story to share with his customers.
Over the years I spent a ton of money there and always received exceptional good friendly service.

Rob Dow runs the store now. Still great service, not so dry, corny humor LOL..

If neither local Home hardware (call them) does not stock the Moly Slip E , call Rob @ Jack Dows. He will get it for you.

Engine assembly lube :: mix up some GM EOS with normal engine oil to use as a parts assembly lube on a bearings, rockers etc. Stick it in a oil can.

The moly paste cam lube only goes on the cam lobes them selves.
a small amount cam be put on the base of each lifter. Do not get it on the sides of the lifters. DO not get it all over the place.
Just dab some Moly paste on the lifter foot, dunk the other end of the lifter in oil and install.
Do not try to fill up the lifters with oil.

A mix of GM EOS and motor oil is all you need to use as a general assembly lube.

When you re done just dump the left over EOS and oil in the oil pan along with the can of Moly Slip. E... I like to mix up the can of moly slip in some oil first then dump it in. Use a good Dino oil like Rotella T 15w-40

Do not use a Fram oil filter or a CTC oil filter. I use AC delco filters bought from a GM dealer parts dept. Same place you get the EOS from.

If after you want to run synthetic I would use a 50-50 blend with Dino oil like Rotella and a ZDDP additive if not using a oil with lots of Zinc.
Most all of the off the shelf Motor oils now have reduced Zinc.
Amsoil has a good Syn oil for older cars with hi perf flat tappet cams
Generous amount of Zinc additive.
Rob can get you that too.
Again the only spot that needs the moly disulfide paste (cam lube) is the cam lobes and lifter feet.
CTC used to sell it in big butter dishes.

EP Moly grease is not the same thing as Moly Disulfide Paste Moly Slip brand or isky Rev lube. Do not use grease when assembling a motor at all. "grease" is for wheel bearings and ball joints and U joints.

The Moly Slip E oil supplement is not a engine assembly lube. You just dump it in with the motor oil.

Use a 50-50 mix brew of normal motor oil and GM EOS for engine assembly lube. Thats all you need.

Does this 292 six motor have a solid lifter cam ??

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