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All the cams I suggested idle at the same rpm as the cam you got.
They are all more powerfull and responsive in the same overall rpm range.

With the car , motor info you ahve now provided, I would use a smaller cam
than the cam you got now.

A lot more torque in the rpm range you will be using.

Now that I see the combo that cam is even more lame.

Use a cam with 208 to 218 @.050 intake duration
and 218 to 228 exhaust duration

The cam you got is very lazy in your car. (late intake closing point)
It was origionally designed for a 4 speed with 11:1 compression
in 1968.

This is probabily why you want to change things looking for more

keep the cam duration small for the OD transmission and 336 gears.
Here is the page on summit with all the SBC cams listed.
you can search thru that.
any of the cams within the duration group I outlined will
be a winner in your 327 w th700r4 trans .
Yes these short duration cams like a 1.6 rocker.
now you are cooking with gas. The cam you got is a real stinker.
here is a good example of the cam you wouls want to change to.
Comp cams Dual energy 265DEH-10 #12-208-2
COMP Cams 12-208-2 - COMP Cams Dual Energy Camshafts - Overview -

any cam with a similar .050" duration will be a winner.
all are way better than that stinker.
now your new heads can shine.

even this $54 summit "1103" cam is a good improvement . (this cam actually works very well and is a good match also likes 1.6 rockers)

Your 336 gears are very tame for the th700r4 trans. If you want more acceleration consider a gear swap (3.73-4.10)
now your overdrive is actually usefull Remember the OD knocks down the gear by 30%

you'd really like 4.10's in that car with the th700r4 trans. (2.87:1 cruise gear in OD)

what you got now is useless
3.36's and OD and a lame cam.
not suprised at all you want to make changes.
your 327 will be a lot more spunky.

non of the cams I suggested have a offensive idle at all.

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