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Originally Posted by cadmanof50s View Post
Wow... I was almost certain that this was a discussion forum and not a lecture hall.

Greg, I don't understand what you don't understand. I'm certain not everyone on this group is an expert that did it right from day one...if they were, they probably wouldn't really need this forum.

Pretty sure that most of us learn by mistakes. I guess its possible that some us of were born knowing all this stuff...but not me. (I'm feeling so deprived.)

I haven't figurd out a way to go back and change things in the "asking the questions before" is pretty much a pointless endeavor. Oh and by the way, last time I checked, the forum doesn't restrict us to asking questions that we will only like the answers to. I'm pretty sure we can ask questions were we won't like the answers....we should check the rules. Lets ask the administrator....

Administrator: Is it ok if I ask a question that I won't like the answer to? or can I only ask questions that will make me happy?

Oh and by the way...I almost forgot....that's right..this is a hobby for me. I did not wake up one day and decided to plan and build the best and the fastest ..and the least crappy. I just wanted a car to enjoy and maybe get a bit better performance. I haven't been planning this for months or years. I didn't adjust the mortgage so I can finance my ride accordingly...I didn't abstain from my normal life to plan my car.....sorry to disappoint you.

You guys must have some pretty impressive cars ..cause it seems everything else is lame, usless or crappy. Does anyone else on this forum have useless, crappy and lame cars? I think maybe there are one or two..or maybe I'm the only one.. Us guys with crappy cars should just leave (I sure felt like it after this thread) ..since we are probably just wasting our time and money here.

Here's a good idea: Lets stick to the constructive technical stuff and leave all the descriptive, degrading adjectives out. Here's another one: ...lets answer the question to the best of our ability, point out mistakes and oh..yeah..lets act our age...(I'm 55 and lost tolerance for arrogance and BS a long time ago).

Thank you! for pointing out the errors I have made. I will seriously consider all the valuable technical information F-bird and everyone has taken the time to post. I will promptly dump out the rest of the useless, (my turn)...crappy and lame comments and descriptions on this thread.

Vic Brincat
Well, at least we now have your attention. As I see it, you're okay with pissing good money after bad with no positive results, but are against putting the good money to good use simply because it would mean changing what you've already done. Still makes no sense. The bottom line is simple. If you want a performance upgrade you need to change the rear ratio and add a cam. Since you don't want to do that, and would rather piss money into heads and roller rockers that will do NO good with your current setup....go for it. Just don't complain a month from now when you can't get it to run better.
And, what I don't understand is why someone would ask for recommendations and then argue about the perfect and correct advice.
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