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Cam selection math

Since so much information is available today vs 25yrs ago I am finding various reads to update myself on this subject.One of you in helping another member posted a link to Dimitri Elgin where he discussed compression ratio factors vs octane ratings.In the article he states that there is three parts of the compression equation.There is static,effective and dynamic cr factors to calculate when selecting a cam.If I understood his article correctly dynamic compression is computed when an engine is operating at 100% efficiency.Now correct me if I am not understanding this but doesn't an engine have to be operating in the lowmid rpms,say 2000/2500 before this occurs?Most street driven vehicles like my 2000 Silverado w/5.3 liter for example,run at an idle to 1800 under normal around town driving.

This is where my question comes in.I have played with the online calculators,and read quite a few post on this topic and it seems like static and dynamic compression are the most used guidelines.Why is that?
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