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Well we were talking about putting the reeds in the head next to each intake port on the head I think, thats the only way it would work I reckon. As far as them being an obstruction in the air flow, (compared to no reeds at all) that may be true, but at higher rpms when they are no longer needed, they would simply be open all the time so it would be a matter of having a big enough reed cage to flow the cfms needed for the hp desired. My 38 mm carb on my husky for example could theoretically flow a whole bunch, not sure exactly sure how much and at what vacuum but if each cylinder had a reed cage like a rm250 suzuki that could make 57 horsepower, that would be about 456 horses right? To flow more you could have a reed cage with 6 reeds in it per cylinder (my husky reed cage only has four reeds) and get more flow that way. There may be bigger reeds that would be better I dunno. Its all just kinda a new idea I guess! Anyways for sure at least it would let you run that long duration cam without the reversion at low rpms and still have the high rpm magic once the intake runner inertia kicked in at higher rpm. Kinda the best of both worlds I guess.

As far as handling a four inch piston, I am pretty sure the positive(reverse) intake pressure on a bigger piston is not that much more than the two stroke motor with no camshaft at all. If it is any credit to this, my husky motor has nearly a 3.5 inch piston. The reed valves they make for these motors are made out of some crazy amazing stuff, they can go for lots and lots of miles "flapping in the breeze" or whatever you wanna call it. The ones I took out of it when I upgraded to boysen dual stage reeds looked like the original ones from 1981 according to Andy at the husky shop I go to.

Between this reed stuff and the spanny chambers we are talking one crazy motor here... Crazy!!!!!
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