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x711 02-01-2006 06:37 PM

CamAir Desiccant Snake DS-20
Hi All, have any of you used the CamAir DS-20 Desiccant Snake to dry the air
supplying your gun.

I was thinking about getting one to try. I would be interested in knowing
how long they last before they need replacing.

Some of its features for reference.

The Desiccant Snake contains special desiccant and has a unique design that ensures maximum compressed air to desiccant contact time
The Desiccant Snake contains four built-in filter elements that remove oil and dirt
The Desiccant Snake has 1/4 BRASS thread connectors
Good for up to 20 SCFM
200 PSIG maximum pressure rating
150F maximum temperature rating

Any info appreciated.

Thanks X.

baddbob 02-01-2006 08:28 PM

They work good from what I've seen, I use one for extra assurance no moisture is getting to the gun, they run about $15 from my supplier. I put two female quick connects on the end so it can be disconnected when not in use, you don't want to store this without the hose ends covered or the desicant will just absorb moisture and be ruined. They hold quite a bit of desicant, almost as much as some of the smaller wall mounted dryers available. Bob

x711 02-01-2006 08:42 PM

Bob, thanks for the fast reply. Sounds like a go to me. :)

I also see that there is a humidity indicator available too
so I will get that as well.

Good tip on keeping the ends covered when not in use.

I have heard that having really good quality dry air for your
gun can pay big dividends on the finished paint job, so I am
looking forward to trying them out.

Thanks ... X

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