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Originally Posted by painted jester View Post
I don't agree that " Your cheep " Or how you should fix something in your own home ! That's your business! You posted something and probably thought twice before you posted? But Im here to help people that are
not knowledgeable about the right and wrong ways of building performance cars or classics!!!! If you titled your post "Don't do as I do" or "an example of dong body work wrong" Or "This wont last long" I would of passed on a reply LOL!!!

My door on the 79 is done! my rear quarter is hit exactly like yours!!!! right on the fender lip and ridge just a little worse LOL Yours looks already mudded and I think I see a small hole right on the edge ?? Im not sure? I went to a wrecking yard and found a Camaro with a wrecked quarter and asked if I could cut a patch out of it! they said yes! I took my own torches water and an extinguisher and cut out a large section ! ( They charged me 10 bucks) Took it home And made a nice neat patch of that area (But much smaller then what I cut off the wrecked Quarter) and will cut my quarter and weld it in. Its easier and cheaper then trying to straighten that area to me! But I could have half A*$ed it with a hammer and mud!
Cutting and splicing is a lot of fun when doing metal work but ask yourself a few questions ....since you have to take the interior out to weld a patch in why not just hammer and dolly back into shape ???? un;ess it is rusted ,and thats an ez patch to make ,fun too but if its rotted thats a good way to do it ,cutting out one from a donor car (my second choiceif I couldnt make it)If its not rotted out, then ask yourself this ...after all the running around and hauling out the tourches ,going to the yard ,hauling them again then putting it all back and welding a new (old metal patch ) ....When I'm done will it have just as much bondo as a hammer & dolly job or more and how long will that old patch last????
Myself ,I'd never even concider replacing that 1/4 or patching it unless it was rotted hammer and dolly would be so much better and faster ....NOW if I was lazy and didnt want to remove the interior to gai access for the proper metal finishing I'd just get the old slide hammer out and have at it...Done and .primed in less than 2 hrs...


There's a big gap in one sentence on the post that isn't there when I proof read or go to edit what gives??
Holly crap Batman,do yourself a big ,BIG favor and get yourself an 18 volt sawzall for 100.00 as you get older you learn how to make life a little easier...Plus no warpage or fire...

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