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bullheimer 01-25-2003 10:24 PM

camaro rear view mirror on door -remote
where in the hell do you route that cable to the mirror?? i tried in front of the window and under it and it gets caught by the window on the way down every time. i dont see any clamps screamin at me to stick it in one so i dont know. i dont have the thing that holds it to the inside of the door anyway. help me ob1 your my only hope

Halloweenking 01-25-2003 10:57 PM

Bull, not sure on the routing, I'll go out tomorrow and look for you, but I do have the little metal thing the cable goes into on the doorpanel. Not sure how the hell you got a cable without one because that cable pissed me off to the point I ripped it out of the door, broke the mirror and cut the cable after it was out to get the frikin mirror off in my first Camaro.
I do beleive the cable goes above the window follows around the inside of the door to the mirror. Don't remember, but will look in a few hours and send you an e-mail. If you want that little metal thing let me know, I don't need it.


bullheimer 01-26-2003 09:19 AM

HK! thanks, i posted this at and the answer i got was there is a clip on the inside of the inside of the door that routes the cable to the front, then it goes under the window so i will look better to find it and stick it in there. i have the joystick part that the cables end in, i will need the part that holds that onto the inside door panel. i will definitely be getting that part if you have it. i will know in a few what's up after i find that clip and get the door panel on. i have to start moving today, but first i have to fix the front garage door where im going and add a back door to the hole that's there too. i have to be out on the 31 and that is a friday, hope my landlord lets me move next sat, but i'll be doin most of it at night. suck!

anyway, just looked. there IS a clip on the inside of the outside door skin. put the cables in it and now it works. also HK, thanks, but i just found that little metal bracket in a plastic baggie!!!!!!! im all set, but i think it will have to wait till dark, jesus it's rainin out there!!! maybe i'll have to forget workin outside. i also wanted to plant two 4x4 posts near enough to my garage to string a tarp across to protect the camaro. i have a feeling the windshield leaks, and i dont want water on my new carpet or worse, under the new felt. :(

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