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chevy302builder18 09-12-2011 07:30 PM

camshaft gurus help?
ok now i have an intresting way of looking at this, my applicant idea is very simple. 400 sbc with 500 ft pounds at a 1000 rpm, (stump puller) but very flat torque like to 6000 rev limit with a peak hp to 5800 rpm. Many might say it wont do good with the 1/4 mile, but i say it will do decent with a 1/4 mile (if tractions at its best) now it is quite difficult to think of which is right for this appliction... Not to many would do it. Ok rear gear will be 2.73:1 ratio (idea is the steep or a lil lower would be great to twist with 500 ft pounds) or a lil lower. TH350 or TH400, 1500 stall or even factory. The cam shaft im looking for specifically needs to be a power band of 1000-5000ish or more rpms would be great. Any options or suggestions on how to get this application tight like that? Thanks and sorry about this if its annoying question, pretty sure you guys have better things to answer. Im really wanting to make it right on par

cobalt327 09-12-2011 08:05 PM

You aren't gonna make 500 ft/lb torque at just 1000 RPM from a naturally aspirated 400 SBC. Ordinarily the torque and HP peaks are much closer together than what you're proposing.

chevy302builder18 09-13-2011 04:12 AM

hmmm i geuss i was wrong.:drunk: but i know i can definatly do 450 foot pounds at 2500 rpms with what i got on the dyno sim :mwink: maybe ill just go with that idea. Thanks for the help. Tryna build my rod for like mild which i believe 450 foot pounds and 390 hp peak would be for a 400 sbc. Hey itll also be more streetable too :thumbup:

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