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KeithB123 03-15-2004 06:12 PM

Camshaft LSA?
The Lobe Seperation.....whats the difference?? 106, 110 114????

woodz428 03-15-2004 06:19 PM

In simple terms, the wider the lobe separation the better bottom end and idle you have. The narrower works the opposite. For most street driven cars I think 110 is about as low as you really want. Don't compare modern cam specs with old specs, for many years everyone used their own point of measurement until the standard(now) of .050 was used.

KeithB123 03-15-2004 06:55 PM

So....... 114 is torkier than a 110.

Steve karch 03-15-2004 08:04 PM

I don't think it will be noticeably torquier but it will have a smoother idle and high vacuum at idle. OEM's spec wide lsa's for smoother idle.

TurboS10 03-15-2004 08:31 PM

Your lower number LSA cams will tend to be peakier in the power band, but will make more power in the "sweat spot". The higher number LSA cams will have a flatter power band with the better idle as mentioned. FWIW most all of your large race cams use a tighter LSA(smaller number, usually 106). If forced induction or nitrous are in the plan you want to keep away from the 106 range cams.


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