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bowtieorbust 07-04-2004 11:44 PM

camshaft question?
Does anyone know wich one of the Exstreem Energy cam's from comp, come's close to the sound of the Performer RPM cam from Edelbrock for a 350 sbc, because if i dont like the H268 comp cam. Im gonna go bigger for the sound, because i believe with 9.6 c/r, and W/P torquer head's, a (3.11) 1st gear, and 3.40 rear gear's, i should be able to handle a bigger cam, in my 3,900 lbs short bed GMC pickup. (Oppinion's Please):thumbup:

killerformula 07-05-2004 12:32 AM

Don't go bigger than 268 for sure. I wouldn't step over the line of 264 (imo the perfect cam). That's a heavy truck, build your power off the bottom, a cam will dog you out and piss you off in day to day driving, not to mention winter starting.


I'm totally dominating the posting in the engine forum!!!!

:thumbup: :P

lluciano77 07-05-2004 12:35 AM

The 268 is too small for use with a 9.6 compression ratio. You should go with a bigger cam if you want performance. The 268 was made for low compression smog motors.

bowtieorbust 07-05-2004 12:46 AM

You seem to give pretty good advice most of the time lluciano77, witch cam would recamend for 9.6 c/r? :thumbup:

DoubleVision 07-05-2004 02:06 AM

you could step up to the smallest comp cam magnum line, it`s got 224 duration and 470 lift, it has a lopey idle and it has good low end power.

bowtieorbust 07-05-2004 10:40 AM

Thanx there (DoubleVision) you alway's give real good advise also, the 270 mag's came to mind a time or two, and was told that 9.6 would be a good c/r for the EX268 and the EX274 from comp, I guess i'm just like every one else whow want's to see what a big nasty cam would do before i reallised went to big. So thanx DoubleVision i believe you've made my mind up, and now i can breath easy now.:thumbup:

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