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75MavPoPo 05-26-2013 10:39 AM

Can a "Four Door" be a "Hot Rod"
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I titled this introductory post simply to get an opinion and introduce myself as a "new subscriber". I've always been a "motor head" since my youth, first on the block - in the neighborhood to have a mini bike, go-cart, then a motor bike (whizzer - wish I still had that one), then first to have a car....but I am the "back yard" mechanic major builds, body off restorations, simply the "under the hood" wrenching needed, and I've built - repaired a lot of body components with old license plates and "bondo" you see the type of "wrench head" I the "Barrett Jackson" cars, but mine are more "Drive and Enjoy" classics. Now with that said and getting back to the title of my post. I look for, buy, drive, fix and flip the somewhat "Un-conventional" know: Vans, Wagons, Corvairs, Vegas, VW, Pinto, the "off - classic" cars....somewhat lean toward the Ford brand. Just to give you a little more background on my likes; When I go to the local "Bike Nights", you know where everyone rides a HD, I ride a Triumph....local "Car Shows", you know where everyone drives a Camaro or Chevell, I drive and show off my Ford that's my intro, my question and current ride: 1975 Ford Maverick (four door), "Police Interceptor" (mock), black beauty, trophy she a "Hot Rod", I think so and a blast to drive. Hey, can we post pics on this site? Thanks for listening (reading).

TucsonJay 05-26-2013 11:19 AM

It sounds like we share some of the same DNA! I love it all! That is why I eventually abandoned my own cars, and started doing all types of custom paint and body work.

Like you, I am biased toward two doors. I am a child of the sixties and seventies, when nobody even LOOKED at a 4-door!

Here is the way I like to think today...

1- At least shave the door handles, and paint the extra roof posts black. That helps keep it from being immediately recognized as a "taxi cab"... :-)

2- A four door body could become a 2-door Ranchero/ El Camino style build... or even a topless "roadster pickup"!!!

3- a four door wagon could become a two door panel truck...

How about making that four door into a hardtop? That will eliminate those extra roof posts too! Maybe you could even incorporate the Lincoln-style center opening doors. That would be kinda kool!

4- As a last resort... a flat bed or stake bed truck would be unusual too!

5- Just thought of a new one! How about keeping the front sheetmetal and roof, then building a "woodie" from the windshield area back???

6- Another new one! How about a 4-door "phaeton" convertible???

Of course all of these would require minor to major surgery... so if this is for profit only, (I have moved a lot of cars myself), profitability could go upside down, if it's not "sellable" at the investment you would need to recover.

Your choice! What appeals to you? Just be sure you have fun while you are making those extra bucks!

bygddy 05-26-2013 11:26 AM

Done right, many things can be considered a "hotrod"
My wagon
And My 56 was a mild custom, but i still consider it a hotrod

75MavPoPo 05-26-2013 07:24 PM

I'm not sure whether to take your comments as "tongue and cheek" or a shot at the four door. All your suggestions would be better spent in finding another auto. Come on now, this is a 1975 Ford Maverick - FOUR DOOR, Police Interceptor "clone" many of these do you see around....ooops, shouldn't have asked that .......I can just guess the reply and reason why you don't see them. But honestly.....I love the car. Part of the fun, enjoyment of owning a "classic", "hot rod" "vintage"..whatever type - model is driving it, having people notice it and commenting on how they like it, or haven't seen one of those in a long time...and simply the quick "flash back" in history you get. I would agree though, I definitely though of shaving the door handles and putting "poppers" on...that would give it a fairly sleek look.

Project89 05-26-2013 07:33 PM

nice car and btw four doors are cool
runs 9's and has room for the whole family

poncho62 05-26-2013 07:51 PM

There was this one........

NEW INTERIORS 05-26-2013 07:52 PM

When done right a four door can be a hotrod...:D

MARTINSR 05-26-2013 08:03 PM


Originally Posted by poncho62 (Post 1679016)

The second I started reading this thread I thought about that car and I would go and get a photo of it. You beat me to it. :thumbup:


LATECH 05-27-2013 05:57 AM

Guys are using 80s G body station wagons for dragsters.They have 4 doors and a tailgate.

75MavPoPo 05-27-2013 06:28 AM

There you go......with most of the "Two Door" Hot Rods taken, it appears the Four Door market is expanding, that is there are many available. I recently seen (similar to the one in the pic, but not done) a Four Door Mopar for sale........going to check it out. A lot of negotiating room when it has that extra door. Oh well, love my Four Door Ford Maverick Interceptor - V* 302.http://C:\Users\John\Pictures\2012-1...ickInterceptor

75MavPoPo 05-27-2013 06:31 AM

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A lot of Four Doors on the market, and as some agree (including myself), they can be picked up at a good price and made into a very nice "Hot (Street) Rod.

75MavPoPo 05-27-2013 06:39 AM

Hey, I see that my Triumph MC is showing up next to my screen - user name; Not sure how or when I uploaded that pic, but how do I get it off. Went to my "Edit Profile", loaded up another pic, but it keeps coming up, the MC that is.

MARTINSR 05-27-2013 08:07 AM

What is funny is how the four door is looked upon today compared to 30 or 40 years ago.
There is simply ZERO resemblance today to how we saw a four door 40 years ago, it isn't even close. If in 1977 when I was in high school someone would have told me that I would be driving around in a four door car with a spoiler on the trunk some day I would have laughed in their face, yet from 2007 to a couple of years ago I was doing just that, driving a Ford SHO Taurus. Look at all the factory hotrods today that are four doors, Subaru WXR for example.

40 years ago there wasn't a single 4 door sold from by the manufacturer marketed as a "performance car", not a single one. Since then there have been many, VW GTI as another example, my SHO, how about a Porsche Panamera! A PORSCHE four door? We would have fallen on the floor laughing at the thought of a Porsche four door back in the seventies!

The image of a four door is totally changed and a four door hot rod may even be viewed as more desirable than a two door by many people.

I would say build it and enjoy it.


75MavPoPo 05-27-2013 12:04 PM

You are the shows I get more lookers, likers (is that a word?) and comments from the younger......teens to mid 20s group on the car. They see and were introduced to all the newer "4 Door" Hi-Performance cars, especially some of the Mopar (Chrysler) models.....

NEW INTERIORS 05-27-2013 12:32 PM

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There's not many four door cars built today I would call a hotrod,, And being a chevy guy,,, I would say this top's the list of todays four door hotrods..This car is one mean looking car... It look's like it will eat you alive...:D

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