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What in the world have I come across here?

Originally Posted by cobalt327

In the HAMB thread you quoted from, that contains this: also has guys posting "400M" as a way to ID that particular engine.
And his mistake makes the term acceptable in your world?

Interestingly, the SAME article/wiki page you quoted from above, ALSO has this passage (next to the last paragraph).
Uh...Did you happen to notice my join date?

In all discussions of Ford V8 engines, it is extremely important to understand that Ford, unlike its competitors at the time, did not have just small block and big block engines. Ford engines generally came in three size ranges, sized to best suit the application.
I was using that well before WIKI became so popular. How do you think it was sourced?

WIKI is a sham as facts are not usually researched prior to entry. Your misnomer of 400M reflects that. WIKI is the last place in the world I would look for fact or refer another to information.

Live by the wiki, die by the wiki.
That is obviously why you are an editor, correct?

Since Google is your friend, try taking a look here, at some of the 296,000-odd hits for "400m engine".
And that simply shows that there are that number of misinformed morons such as yourself.

Just so we're clear on this- as I said previously- I will continue to use "400M" when referring to the 335 series 400cid Ford engine. You ain't gotta like it- but you WILL deal w/it.
I could care less what you do. You have demonstrated yourself to be a non-caring moron. And yes, I have to deal with others like yourself on a daily basis. I don't like it but I also do not have to accept it.

And if you keep using this incorrect term, what other fallacies and wives tales are you still passing on?

Lastly, the OP didn’t seem to have any problem understanding me- and the OP is who I was addressing in the first place.
He described the engine correctly.

Had you described it as a B BLOCK he would have understood you as he came here for info and got another wives tale instead.

Besides, if that’s ALL you are able to find “wrong” w/my posts, I’ll call that pretty damn good for someone lost in a "seemingly limitless fog"! LOL

You are dismissed.
You really need to see someone about that wild hair you have, The giggling is detracting from whatever little credence you have.

I have not been here in quite a while as I do not enjoy mostly GM posts on a continual basis. What I find is another self-described expert giving out incorrect information.