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I love Canada, Not quite sure if I am welcomed there. I used to live in Alaska and made the trip through western Canada to Washington state numerous times. Very friendly people and the road Taverns make very stiff drinks, When returning one night long ago, my somewhat intoxicated friend stood up in the bar In the small bordetown of Osoyoos and shouted, "If it wasn't for us Americans, all you Canucks would be speaking Russian, And don't you ever forget it". I stood on the end of the bar when the fight started. Sat down to watch the end and by the time the RCMP's showed up, everyone was friends. It was some time ago but I recall that there was the consumption of hard brown type alcoholic beverages (Canadian Whiskey) that had a effect on the unability to keep one's mouth shut while in a forgien country. . The memory of my youth is failing me, but I do remember after this night of partaking in the inebriating sciences, I discovered that wild bears don't like to french kiss and I had a knock down drag out fight with a squaw, almost to the death, (or vice versa) concerning which was a better kisser! for what it's worth, the Bear wasn't as hairy as the squaw and bear had better breath. I really don't remember much after that except hearing buddys shouting, lets go, we got to get the hell out of here! Moments later were in the car, heading for the border and puking out the passenger side of my buddy's white road runner at about 120 MPH. At that speed, the vomit creates a vortex effect in the air stream which acts like a supercharger and sprays back into the passenger compartment of the vehicle to the delight of the other passengers. As far as the automotive technical side of things, that trip confirmed that a Chrysler 727 torqueflite transmission can actually be shifted from drive at 140 mph into reverse without catastrophic failure. It still works. A testament to engineering overcoming stupidity. It's my story and it's truer than you know. So yea, Canada's O.K.

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