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Early this year I got a work-permit in Montreal Quebec Canada.
Anyway it took me seven months and thousands of dollars to get that done,
Was supposed to go work for Pro-color Prestige as a painter,
everything was carefully planned and scheduled before our departure from Iceland, I even payed somebody couple of hundred dollars to do a background check on my coming employer, looked great, he even talked me into sending him 3000 dollars to make a down payment on a rental apartment that I had spotted out close to the shop.
When I finally showed up with my wife and 3 kids there was no apartment no job and that bastard even stole not only my tools but all our clothes and belongings including my kids toy�s.
So there we where a total strangers in a strange land and on the street.
I called my immigration consultant that I had already paid more than 7000 dollars to take care of our work-permits and residential status in Canada.
Now I had to hire a lawyer and a bailiff to seize our belongings and you can just imagine what that costed me !!
Anyway, a job showed up in BC. just next to Vancouver, so we decided to go for it since we had gone all this way already.
So we bought a Chevy venture and we drove across Canada in five days.
When we finally made it to BC. we felt optimistic and positive that this actually might work out,,,
then our immigration consultant tells me that another permit has to be issued and might cost me another 5000 dollars.
At this point we where getting pretty low on budget,, but the new employer was in desperate need for a bodyman and painter so things turned out that way I started "working" and when all documents and permits where ready it would become official....?
Ok. it was fine with me since it was only matter of time and "5000" dollars.
I was working and time goes fast and now my documents have been paid for
and when our status in Canada finally seems to be secure my employer disappears !
Yes he left in the middle of the night in a hurry ! Why ? well I found out little later that he was borderline bankruptcy and ripped off a customer wich turned out to be in Hells Angels... Say no more.
At this time we had not yet gotten our belongings from Montreal, so what to do I had no job, little as no money after paying the immigration consultant.
Well no options other than leave Canada.
A dear friend of ours in Minnesota offered us to come and crash into his home.
And that is what we did, drove from Vancouver to Minneapolis.
There we stayed for some time while working on our case in Montreal.
When that finally got pulled through my wife and kids flew back to Iceland.
I stayed to go and get our things.
So I drove from Minneapolis to Montreal, and when I got there my lawyer told me that he would not have the papers signed before getting paid ! Ok. 2000 dollars there no prob.
Now I went to the bailiffs place to pick things up he tells me that I owe him 1100 dollars in cash for storage, I asked what those 900 dollars where for that I had already paid him ? Showing up was his answer.
I menaced to talk him down to 750 dollars because that was all I had.
Now New York was my destination to get all this stuff shipped back to Iceland.
From New York I drove back to Minneapolis and made a brief stop at Summit Racing while passing Ohio.
From Minneapolis I finally flew back to Iceland.

Well now I will just have to work my way up again and try to look at this as some major experience. I assume that some may thing that this misfortune of ours is just my stupidity�s fault. and for that we dont deserve anything better Ok then fair enough, all we wanted was to make a decent living in a new place, Canada.
But I went to Canadian tire and probably got ripped off there to
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