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Originally Posted by crownver
Icelander, sorry to here about your crappy experience in Canada, BC especially. There's jerks and a..holes in every nook and cranny of this world.

My brother-in-law (not a car guy) went to Canadian Tire to have his brakes in his 85 Ford F150 checked. They told him everthing needed replaced because it was all rusty! Show me a cast iron caliper or brake drum that isn't rusty on the outside on an 15 yr. old daily driver Ford truck! They gave him an estimate of $400.00 for the rear brakes and $700.00 for the front.

He gave them the go ahead for the rear brakes, and bought the parts they reccommended for the fronts, figuring I'd give him a hand on them. No problem, even though we were up in Qualicum Bay in our trailers for the weekend. He started working on it before I got there. Got the left front wheel off, and was working on the right. When those jerks at Crappy Tire put the front wheels back on, they must have torqued the nuts down to 200 ft/lbs. I had a tire iron on it with a 6 ft. pipe. Just bent the iron. I'm sure they did it on purpose because he had told them he was going to do it himself. We ended up putting the other wheel back on to go to a service station to use an air wrench because there was 1 nut we could not get off. Broke a couple of wheel wrenchs on it. Still no luck. Ended up having to cut the sucker off. When I looked at the rotors and calipers, they were fine. Rusty on the non wearing parts yes, but almost no wear on the rotors, and no leakage showing on the calipers. He went back to CT, and actually got an apology with the refund on the parts that didn't need to be replaced. I'll never get work done there!
These problems happen almost anywhere they use flat rate. If you are not working, you are not getting paid. If you aren't calling work, you aren't getting jobs, so you don't get paid.

What also has to be remembered, is that CT does not corporately own the locations, they are independantly owned and operated. There are no standards that apply uniformly to every location. So you will get dealers who don't give a sh1t about the shop, leave the hiring to some "service manager" they hire who has no auto experience, and give a budget so thin you could use it as window glass. So they hire bottom of the barrel, crooked techs because that is all they can get.

Another scenario is the dealer starts out gung-ho, hires good techs, then when they have been there for a time, and demonstrated their abilities and built a customer base because they are good and honest, then the dealer refuses to pay them accordingly, and the good techs leave. The shop gets a rep for not paying worth a crap, and then all they can get are the crappy, crooked techs.

Third scenario is rare, but you get a dealer who cares, hires the right managment people, and hands down a reasonable shop budget. Regular prformance reviews, and pay increases to the people who have demonstrated that they are an asset to the business. Thses are the stores that have a profitable shop, happy techs, and happy customers.
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