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4 Jaw Chuck 11-05-2004 07:17 PM

Canadian Tire wrecks engine
Screwed by Canadian Tire.

Being a former employee and not a big fan of their customer service methods I am happy to bring this to your attention.;) As an employee I was treated very poorly and was witness to so many abuses of customer vehicles and wallets that we would need a special forum just to list them all.

For example around 1986 when third mounted brake lights were just coming out on new vehicles many people would come in and purchase accessory lights and have them mounted inside their vehicles by the mechanics, the mechanics would come to me and ask for wire end connectors and splice blocks to complete the $2.00 a piece or more. As anyone who has ever installed one of these lights will tell you, the kits come complete with all the connectors and splice blocks you would require to install them. I was the parts guy for the mechanics.

Not enough...heres another, warranty replacement of tires involved measuring and averaging tire wear across the tread face and was prorated according to how much was worn off the tire according to a corporation published book listing alll the tires that were sold by the corporation, without exception the measurements listed in the book were 4/32" more than actual measured tire tread depth on any new tire (I checked because I was the tire warranty guy).

If a manager didn't like you they would swap a shift or two around on you on the official schedule, repost it after hours and then fire you for not showing up for a regular scheduled shift, they did not hand out copies for this reason.

Part time employees were lured into paying into the company pension/sick benefits and profit sharing plan but were never told that they had to work 20 hours per week to be considered "part time" employees, guess how many ever were scheduled to work 20 hours per got My hours worked out to 19.8 hours per week after 3 years, smart cookies hey!

I got a million of em.;)

Mad Maggot 11-05-2004 07:58 PM

just glad I don't work at Canadian Tire! Most of us on this site would probably be mechanically inclined enough to know when we are getting screwed by parts guys, but not everyone has this attribute, and it is very unfortunate for them. Guess it's no wonder there is such widespread contempt for big business all over North America, it's companies like these that ruin the image for all. Personally I have not had a bad experience with Canadian Tire, and I do shop there often, but I will be ever more vigilant of their automotive department from now on. Thanks a heap for the heads up :welcome:

killerformula 11-05-2004 07:58 PM

this is exactly why....



Dubz 11-05-2004 08:44 PM

not surprised at all

poncho62 11-05-2004 08:49 PM

CTC's parts prices are the most expensive around these days.............I won't buy them.

The CTC in our town won't even make appointments anymore. You are supposed to drop your car off in the morning and hope that they will get to it that day. If they don't, it's the same the next day. No more hanging around to see that your car gets fixed right, unless you don't have a job.

tbirdscott 11-05-2004 08:50 PM

I havn't been in a canadian tire in 2.5 years, just been screwed too many times by them.

poncho62 11-05-2004 08:50 PM


Originally posted by killerformula
this is exactly why....



Only problem with that is, not everone is as talented as us.................poor bas***ds...............

doray46 12-03-2010 07:38 PM

Hey Harv you remember you work an ran a canandian tire an one of the big shots at iatn auto tech site ha ha did you ever figure out how to check for bent rods with out pulling the heads off that sure was a lot bad answers from all the guys on there i could of answer that all for you man but you but you got me booted off iatn just because i was a bad speller o well hey dose any one on here no ole harv

bigdog7373 12-03-2010 08:15 PM

Nope, but i do know that this thread is 6 years old.

airboat 12-04-2010 10:50 AM

I was working at a local Dodge dealership flat rate and as I was new guy in quite often didn't get my first job of the week till Wednesday morning. The guys standing around the shop chatting were pulling in 70-80 hours a week while I was getting my 40 in with my work Wednesday to Friday.

The guys sold the 49 point inspection stuff like wheel bearing repacks and cooling system flushes. The wheel bearing repack consisted of pulling the dust cap off and wiping the old grease off and applying some new grease. Radiator flush involved installing a T connector in the heater hose and sliding the 2 gallons of antifreeze under their bench. Saw brake jobs go out the door without the wheels ever being Pulled off the car.

Slick tower operators... Single moms and selling work not really needed.. "are you going on vacation this summer? Well how would you feel it you broke down in the Okanogan and..."

Did short stint at CT 30 years ago, it was a job and better than that dodge dealership, I have herd if you want to make $100000/yr+ pulling wrenches that's the place to do it..

"Nope, but i do know that this thread is 6 years old."
Somebody sure has time to peruse the archives!!

Icelander 12-04-2010 01:12 PM

Early this year I got a work-permit in Montreal Quebec Canada.
Anyway it took me seven months and thousands of dollars to get that done,
Was supposed to go work for Pro-color Prestige as a painter,
everything was carefully planned and scheduled before our departure from Iceland, I even payed somebody couple of hundred dollars to do a background check on my coming employer, looked great, he even talked me into sending him 3000 dollars to make a down payment on a rental apartment that I had spotted out close to the shop.
When I finally showed up with my wife and 3 kids there was no apartment no job and that bastard even stole not only my tools but all our clothes and belongings including my kids toy�s.
So there we where a total strangers in a strange land and on the street.
I called my immigration consultant that I had already paid more than 7000 dollars to take care of our work-permits and residential status in Canada.
Now I had to hire a lawyer and a bailiff to seize our belongings and you can just imagine what that costed me !!
Anyway, a job showed up in BC. just next to Vancouver, so we decided to go for it since we had gone all this way already.
So we bought a Chevy venture and we drove across Canada in five days.
When we finally made it to BC. we felt optimistic and positive that this actually might work out,,,
then our immigration consultant tells me that another permit has to be issued and might cost me another 5000 dollars.
At this point we where getting pretty low on budget,, but the new employer was in desperate need for a bodyman and painter so things turned out that way I started "working" and when all documents and permits where ready it would become official....?
Ok. it was fine with me since it was only matter of time and "5000" dollars.
I was working and time goes fast and now my documents have been paid for
and when our status in Canada finally seems to be secure my employer disappears !
Yes he left in the middle of the night in a hurry ! Why ? well I found out little later that he was borderline bankruptcy and ripped off a customer wich turned out to be in Hells Angels... Say no more.
At this time we had not yet gotten our belongings from Montreal, so what to do I had no job, little as no money after paying the immigration consultant.
Well no options other than leave Canada.
A dear friend of ours in Minnesota offered us to come and crash into his home.
And that is what we did, drove from Vancouver to Minneapolis.
There we stayed for some time while working on our case in Montreal.
When that finally got pulled through my wife and kids flew back to Iceland.
I stayed to go and get our things.
So I drove from Minneapolis to Montreal, and when I got there my lawyer told me that he would not have the papers signed before getting paid ! Ok. 2000 dollars there no prob.
Now I went to the bailiffs place to pick things up he tells me that I owe him 1100 dollars in cash for storage, I asked what those 900 dollars where for that I had already paid him ? Showing up was his answer.
I menaced to talk him down to 750 dollars because that was all I had.
Now New York was my destination to get all this stuff shipped back to Iceland.
From New York I drove back to Minneapolis and made a brief stop at Summit Racing while passing Ohio.
From Minneapolis I finally flew back to Iceland.

Well now I will just have to work my way up again and try to look at this as some major experience. I assume that some may thing that this misfortune of ours is just my stupidity�s fault. and for that we dont deserve anything better Ok then fair enough, all we wanted was to make a decent living in a new place, Canada.
But I went to Canadian tire and probably got ripped off there to :thumbup:

poncho62 12-04-2010 01:26 PM

Sorry about your luck in Canada, Icelander.........You probably should have just claimed refugee status and gone on further ahead. Seems that's what you get when you try and immigrate through the proper channels these days......its sad but true

We came to Canada when I was 2 from England...The job my dad had lined up also wasn't there when we got here.....Things did work out and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else now......

Canadian Tire....I hardly ever go in there anymore

Icelander 12-04-2010 01:45 PM

well we might give it another try later on and after gathering some money to start over again if a decent employer will be found.
But more beutiful place on earth than Canada cant be found, that is for sure !

Take care.

doray46 12-04-2010 02:25 PM

man dose my ole buddy harv run all the canadian tire stores up there well guy's ill tell ya one thing i went to work in VW dealers in round 1961 started my own shop in 1968 retired five years ago .One thing i have never for got is what my mom would say after getting her car repaired if they would just fix it that she did not care what it coust.Well i was not cheap on the bill.===But=== one thing for sure i never got sue i all ways fix there car no mater what it took an well wait one time i did but i was done wrong on it we had fixed what we charged her bet ya won't do as i did run a shop that long with no insurance an never a claim against me . What im trying to tell you here if you repair car's do an fix what your getting paid to do pluss see to it you get paid to do it an a nother thing i like the work i was doing my last years of work was jag's benz bmw's stuff like that just bout any thing that came to my shop in the last years an i can tell you one thing for all them years you do that ah you well have many good years

machine shop tom 12-04-2010 02:50 PM


Originally Posted by Icelander
Early this year I got a work-permit in Montreal Quebec Canada.
Anyway it took me seven months and thousands of dollars ................
But I went to Canadian tire and probably got ripped off there to :thumbup:

Holy cow! I never thought one could be screwed so many times legally.................

and never get a jar of vaseline out of the deal.


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