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cant figure it out? wheel bearings? bent A-arm? bent spindle?

Helo, I have read thru this forum and have done searches, but to no avail. My question was not in there.

I have a 92 firebird convertable I am restoring. It is not a classic, but in due time will be. It is my daily driver as well. A few months back I hit a cinder block with my passenger side front going about 35 mph. I blew my tire and had anew one installed along with an alignment. The shop said it need a idler arm and a lower ball joint on the right side. They gave me a price of &350 to $400. I figured that it only costs $249 to $300 for a whole new front end. ( idler arm, tie rod ends, sleeves, center link,2 ball joints, sway bar linkage, a-arm bushings) moog parts
I replaced all this myself, and I tell you what, those damn springs were terrible!!!!!!!! I had the bushings and ball joints pressed in by my local machine shop. I also put in new struts as weel. Once I got it all installed, the steering was perfect.
I did take it to get an alignment done, just to make sur. When I left the alignment shop the steering was attrocious. A lot of play in the steering wheel and the camber was turned so much in that it was making a vibrating noise on each tire. I deduced the tires were being eaten away.
I decided to try and get it back to the way it was befor I took it to the shop. It took me 2 months and I got so frustrated and had eaten two tire, I recently had it aligned by a different guy last week.
Now my problem is on the right side still. After I left the shop the right side was vibrating again. I went back and asked him about it and he said that he spent alot of time getting it right. the caster and camber had too much negative to it. He said if I leave it with him he will take a deeper look.

I am too busy for that so I took the right side toe in 2 full turns. It took the noise away, except when turning left, even a little. THen the pull to the right got worse, so I marked the castor and camber and took it all the way to the negative. I still have that noise when going left so I took the 2 turns on the sleeve back to 1 turn.

I am starting to think it might be my wheel bearings. I have no clue, because the wheel does not move in and out more than 1/8 inch when trying to wiggle the tire.
I did notice that my sway bar linkage was not even on both sides so I tightened the right side some more to make it even.

If anyone has any insight to my problem, I would appreciate it greatly.
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