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JRork 09-17-2006 05:40 PM

Car Dolly???
Hi folks. I apologize in advance if this isnt the correct spot to post this but here's my question.

I have a 41 Chev coupe that I have put a Mustang II front end in. We've since moved and I need to pick the car up and move it to our new garage. It has no steering other than the Rack and Pinion, no engine, or transmission.

I was thinking about using a car dolly and just strapping the front end to it and rolling the back down the road. Distance to travel is approx. 10 miles of country roads.

Do you have to be able to lock the front steering to use one of thes dollys? Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.


home brew 09-17-2006 05:57 PM

I may be wrong on this but I don't think it will work. With this set up you will have two pivot points working. If one starts to pivot the other one will not know what to do and you will have you car on the dolly ending up in the ditch. Rent a car trailer and be safe. The cost wil be a lot less than trying to fix the coupe if it goes into the ditch. If you can lock up the front wheels the dolly would work.

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matt167 09-17-2006 06:05 PM

have both wheels pointing str8 ahead, then make 1 long tie rod and connect the 2 sides togther, they will be locked str8 ahead. you may want to use real tie rod ends so you don't damage the ackerman arms on the spindals.

JRork 09-17-2006 07:27 PM

Thanks guys. That was what my worry was. The front tires would turn as well as the pivot on the dolly. I'll probably just go with a trailer.
Thanks again

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