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Jessie83 09-10-2012 09:56 AM

Car lover gifts ideas, Please help a girl out :)
Hi all,

My dad's 60th birthday is fast approaching. He is the kind of guy who is always tinkering with old cars and other things on wheels. To me, it seems like he has everything he could possibly want. Garage full of tools, garage full of cars and other big boy toys. Cool signs and decorations hanging. He has a ton of dvd's, books, magazines, etc.

He has also been working on downsizing the amount of "stuff" he has collected over the years. So, cutesy collectible things are out.

Are there any new tools or any cool new TOYS out for a mechanical handy-man?

Thank you in advance. I don't want to get him any crap he won't use, or that he will think is ridiculous.

thank you, thank you - Jess

monster76 09-10-2012 11:26 AM

does he like car shows driving one of his particular cars more so than the others what is your budget? for my old man i had some guys come over and professionally detail his camaro for his b-day once so he wouldn't have to spend 4 hours cleaning the car before he went to a show. another cool thing i did was for a friend of mine he collects old imports and he has two 74 mazda rx4's so i found a car and driver with the cover article talking about the whole new 74 rx4 so he could display when he would go to car shows. My girl friend once for me and i liked it alot was she called my snap on rep and prepaid some cash to go towards new tools for work which was pretty nice of her

wretched ratchet 09-10-2012 03:53 PM

Jess, can you give us a estimated price range?

302 Z28 09-10-2012 06:32 PM

Gift certificate to any of the myriad of car and hotrod mail order outlets.


WriterDennis 09-10-2012 08:31 PM

I really like the detailing idea and of course, the gift cards to his favorite shops or mail order are good ideas.

What my wife did for me a few years ago was to make a quilt out of my choice of some of my favorite event T-shirts. I don't know if you are into quilting or not, but Sandy is and she made it for me, which made it extra special. Even if you are not into such domestic endeavors, you might be able to find someone who does quilting. However, it isn't cheap.

I had an abundance of rod related T-shirts, so I needed to thin the herd. So, my favorite quilt includes shirts from the various magazines that I have freelanced for, some of my favorite events that I have covered, and a few where friends hot rods were on the event T-shirts. In other words, each shirt has a special meaning to me. I get my best sleep when I'm snuggled up in my hot rod quilt and in my recliner after working on a hot rod or writing about them.

Dennis W. Parks
Author of automotive how-to books

OneMoreTime 09-11-2012 12:27 AM

How about a jacket and sew various car related patches on it..Ole guys like that sort of thing..Dunno where you are at but here there are some folks that do custom embroidery on jackets and hats..


Jessie83 09-11-2012 08:11 AM

Awesome Ideas!
Wow, you guys have great ideas!

I actually have a few ideas for other occasions, too!

I was going to spend about $200.

I think he may like gift certificates, he is always looking through magazines and needing parts, and looking for magazines with his type of car.

We actually got him an embroidered/patched-up jacket after his retirement, with his work related stuff. He does love it!

I love the t-shirt quilt idea. Unfortunately, not for him, b/c he doesn't wear those kinds of shirts for some reason. But, I am going to hijack that idea for myself and my boyfriend. We have so many shirts from concerts and motorcycle rallies/ hd shops from across the country. You never actually want to get rid of those shirts.

I'll still take more ideas, though! Thanks!

deckofficer 09-11-2012 03:04 PM


Since your dad and I are the same age, with probably the same poor eyesight in low light, this is what I got for myself and anytime I have a problem finding stuff in dark areas or reading a nameplate on a part, I whip this sucker out. Custom made by a guy in Oregon and puts out 3000 lumens. The brightest flashlight for the size you can buy period. If interested, I'll give you a link to it and the battery that it takes.

wretched ratchet 09-11-2012 03:33 PM

If Jess doesn't want the link, I DO, so post it up DO !

wretched ratchet 09-11-2012 03:33 PM

If Jess doesn't want the link, I DO, so post it up DO !

deckofficer 09-11-2012 06:23 PM


Originally Posted by wretched ratchet (Post 1589879)
If Jess doesn't want the link, I DO, so post it up DO !

The flashlight..........
Elektro Lumens Presents "Big Bruiser Flashlight"

The battery that you will need. This took awhile to find because most 3.6 volt lithium 26650 single cells do not have the discharge rate (C) that can handle this flashlight. Pick up a 2nd one because they discharge at 3000 lumens in around 22 minutes. That long of run time will make the light almost too hot to hold, even with all the heat sinking that is machined into the case. You will also need a charger for this battery.
Powerizer New Generation High Power Lithium (LiNiMnCo) 26650 Rechargeable Cell: 3.6V 3600mAh

This is the last generation champ, 20 watt 6 volt quartz halogen flashlight. See the beam in the far room?

This is the Big Bruiser LED, same exposure setting on camera.

The big 6 volt lantern.

Big Bruiser, again same camera exposure.

wretched ratchet 09-11-2012 06:35 PM

Thanks DO, it's a little pricey for a flashlight but it is state of the art for sure.

deckofficer 09-11-2012 06:55 PM

It is a fun light to whip out when someone asks "Do you have a flashlight I can use?", wretched ratchet. The first thing they notice before turning it on is the heft of such a small flashlight but their reaction when they turn it on is priceless.

If your into efficiency instead of raw power, for my upcoming kayak camping I wanted a lantern that has 360* illumination like a Coleman gas lantern, but you know me, without the gas. LED lights are the most efficient available and lithium batteries have the highest energy density, and Energizer makes just what I needed. (3) "D" cells will run the light for 165 hours, but this light also as a very small lithium battery pack that is charged by a 0.5 watt built-in solar panel. Leave this light on your camp table during the day and get 5 hours of bright light at night. It uses (8) 0.125 watt LEDs and (1) 0.005 watt LED night light. This night light will run 125 hours on the tiny lithium battery and 10 years on the (3) "D" cells.

This light is less than 1/5 the price of the Big Bruiser.

The small lithium pack

Compared to the (3) "D" cells.

The amber night light.

302 Z28 09-11-2012 07:44 PM

All that sucker needs now is to be able to mount to a Picatinny Rail system, it's perfect for my AR15.


deckofficer 09-11-2012 08:26 PM


Originally Posted by 302 Z28 (Post 1589945)
All that sucker needs now is to be able to mount to a Picatinny Rail system, it's perfect for my AR15.


Big Bruiser is a flood. For a weapon shooting at a long range, wouldn't you want a narrow, spot type beam?

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