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lt1silverhawk 02-10-2011 12:16 PM

Car Shows/Places of Interest in Central and Northern California
Hi All!

I am heading up north this weekend and will be stopping in Fresno, Sacramento, San Francisco, Monterey Bay, and San Luis Obispo areas over the course of one week.

I am looking for recommendations or websites with information on local car shows and automotive places of interest. I tried searching the web but haven't found anything at all.

Any help is greatly appreciated! :thumbup:

MARTINSR 02-10-2011 12:55 PM

Well car stuff or other interests as well? What kinda things do you usually like, I have PILES of stuff I could tell you about. Right off the bat there is a very nice little auto museum in Sacramento called "Towe auto museum" (Click here). It is really a nice place with some custom and race car history stuff, very cool.

Then right there in Sacramento is a first class art museum that will stand up against any art museum I have ever been in, some spectacular pieces. It's the Crocker Art Museum (click here)

Let me know what else, come on, AT&T park! I have seen about 18 MLB parks and this one is pretty hard to beat, if it can be. You MUST walk out on the Golden Gate bridge, that is a MUST.


lt1silverhawk 02-10-2011 01:20 PM

Hi Brian,

The auto museum is perfect! I've haven't been to an automotive event in a quite some time. I'm not overly big on art but do enjoy a little cultural experience so the Crocker should be good too. Yes, the SF bridge is an absolute must! Whether by fate or by design, I have never been been to a baseball game so I will see if I can at least go see the AT&T field.

I am an amateur photographer and that often influences where I go. Aside from car related stuff, I do enjoy going to local places of interest, especially natural, historical and architectural (but didn't ask, with this being a car site :)). So if you have any recommendations on those or any cool must-see places/things/events, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thanks again!

MARTINSR 02-10-2011 02:16 PM

Hit the Crocker Art Museum, if you are into photography, in my opinion art is art, I do believe you will seriously taken by what you see. There are paintings of "the old west" that are 150 years old there that will blow your mind. Think about it, a painting that is 6x8 foot. It isn't a copy, or one of others, this is it, the only one with such detail it looks like it's alive. How about one that is about 20x15 feet that is one man's vision of his dads last breath of life, it took him seven years to paint. Sure there are a lot of stuff that doesn't interest me either but damn there is a lot there that did.

In sf there is just too much to list, I will try but you will see it right in front of you. The old Itailan neighborhood North Beach with the Washington square park and St. Peter and Paul church, you want art! You could take a photo of ANY square foot of the inside of that church and hang it on your living room wall, EVERY SQUARE INCH is art! It's not your usual tourstie place, it is like a small town. I never realized how these neighborhoods in big cities are very much like a little town out in middle America. Everyone knows everyone and many people simply never leave the few blocks they were born in.

I'll come up with some more for you.


techron 02-10-2011 02:32 PM

also, if you like REALLY BIG hot rods go over the river to old sacramento and check out the california state train museum... :thumbup:

MARTINSR 02-10-2011 02:54 PM


Originally Posted by techron
also, if you like REALLY BIG hot rods go over the river to old sacramento and check out the california state train museum... :thumbup:

Very cool museum, and so well done it is kinda like a car show. There is one in particular that has mirrors above and below it so you can see all the detail and striping!

Old Sacramento (the location of the museum) is kinda funky in my opinion but the museum is top knotch.


lt1silverhawk 02-10-2011 03:33 PM

Sounds like you really want me to go to the Crocker lol! Well, I have been going through a "Westerns" phase so it only makes sense to add the Crocker to the list. :D And the picture of the artist's vision of his father's last breath is actually very very intriguing.

Seeing the train museum in Old Sac sounds good too. I've been meaning to photograph trains and this might be just the ticket (no pun intended :P))

North Beach area I am not familiar with but I will definitely look it up. I have a thing for small towns with "middle America" feel.

Thank you so much guys! If anything else comes up, feel free to share. The trip is very much unplanned so who knows what I'll get to see.

MARTINSR 02-10-2011 05:00 PM

North Beach is right below Coit Tower.
An interesting piece of architecture, it represents a fire hose nozzle. It was paid for by a woman who was saved by firemen when she was just a little girl. She spent her life supporting the SF fire dept. It is full of paintings of the history of SF that were painted about 75 years ago. Some beautiful views from the top.

This is St Peter and Paul Church.

Did you say architecture?

Fort Point is a civil war fort that they built the Golden Gate bridge over the top of (wanting to save it's history).

Fresno, I don't much for you. :)


techron 02-10-2011 05:08 PM

if you like small towns and you feel like it come up to santa rosa, windsor is 7 miles north, go up old redwood highway and stop by Stoke's ranch. Fred Stoke has been a drag racer since the 60s. he builds insane hotrods even now. he hosts car shows and swap meets several times a year. my pantera was there several years ago, last year there two panteras, mine and a friends along with several early corvette friends (a 66 vert owner came down from eureka to join us)
Need i say, Fred Stoke has the WORLD'S LARGEST oil can collection, he has a whole building filled with oil cans... :thumbup:

lt1silverhawk 02-10-2011 05:25 PM

@ Brian:
Well, looks like you got all the pictures covered lol! Thanks, these places look great. And the historical aspect and value is always fascinating. The church is beautiful. What is that funky green building, btw?

Yeah, I can't come come up with anything for Fresno either. Good thing I'll only be there for a day. Maybe I'll read my carb rebuild book :D.


@ techron:
Man, Fred Stoke's ranch sound awesome! Im not sure I'll be able to head that way though. Just depends on how much free time Im able to get. But if not this time, I definitely wanna go there one day. Does he have a website, cause I couldn't find one. It would be nice to know what events are happening when.

Thanks sooo much for the suggestions :thumbup:

techron 02-10-2011 05:56 PM

Brian, super pictures, i rode my harley around every one of those. coit tower and twin peaks were cool to take a girlfriend to. the speggety factory was just up the street from that church in north beach. to the OP, check out that fort under the GG bridge, it is way cool. it was built during the civil war (circa 1860s) also check out the WW2 gun emplacements just west of the bridge. they are great, me and my buds used to ride our harleys out there and climb around on them... the best thing we ever did in SF was to race our bikes down that twisty street. whatever that street was it was not the killer, it was the flat street at the bottom, we would always fly into the air. i never lost it but some of my buddies did, they would slide all the way to columbus street. the sliders would have to buy drinks a the hyatt... :thumbup:

deckofficer 02-11-2011 01:28 PM

For hot rod related events during the cruising season in the NorCal area check this out

The picture is from Speed's Diner DooWop in 2010.

lt1silverhawk 01-22-2012 10:01 PM

2 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by techron
also, if you like REALLY BIG hot rods go over the river to old sacramento and check out the california state train museum... :thumbup:


Originally Posted by MARTINSR
Very cool museum, and so well done it is kinda like a car show. There is one in particular that has mirrors above and below it so you can see all the detail and striping!

Old Sacramento (the location of the museum) is kinda funky in my opinion but the museum is top knotch.


I did end up going to this museum last year. Unfortunately, my photos came out pretty bad so I don't have anything to share . :( But man, what a great place! :thumbup:

I was in the San Luis Obispo area this Saturday and visited a few interesting places. Bob (deckofficer), I imagine you've probably been through here several times.

I went to Coalesce Book Store in Morro Bay . Its very much a hippy kinda spot with all sorts of books as well as a wedding chapel in the back. I have been there several times before but never looked for automotive books until now. I bought the following three books: "Toyota: Maintenance and Repair Guide for 1970-77 Models, Celica, Corolla, Corona", "Auto Repair for Dummies, second editon", which is written by a female author and has very basic explanations and diagrams; and a third book with no title but you can see two pages from it in the bottom two shots. it looks more like a hard-bound fancy brochure for the Thunderbird.

I was also in Cambria for a few hours and love to stop at this shop called Granny Had One Antiques. This shop and other antiques\ shops are trouble for me because there is always so much I wana buy, especially if its automotive. Two items caught my eye this time, but I didn't know exactly how antique they were. The cans didn't look very old. Any info greatly appreciated.

While in Cambria, I also stopped at Peter Zobian's Vintage Automobilia and picked up the "Holley Service Manual: Dual Down Draft, Models 885-FF, 885-JJg, 1901 &1901-G".

I stopped in the city of Buellton on the way back home. I always stop at the 76 gas station there and this time saw a few interesting vehicles covered up the dealership next door called Kars. This place is located on the Avenue of the Flags. I photographed them really quickly at night, so sorry for the quality of the images. Can you tell what cars they are? Ever been there?

deckofficer 01-22-2012 10:26 PM

I do the Towe Museum about once every two years because they rotate their stock. A year's worth of events in NorCal and N Nevada is here...............

MARTINSR 01-22-2012 10:42 PM

How I love those road trips!


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