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Originally Posted by F-BIRD'88 View Post
Your best idle timing is going to end up between 14 and 18deg with that 214-224 442-465 cam.
Correct throttle idle position ON all 4 barrels at idle is CRITICAL.

Do not confuse the timing curve I recomend forr a hot-racey cam, on all cams or your cam.

Idle circuit is ubbber critical.... shooter pump shot tuning is soo easy once the idle circuit is correct

and near impossible when the idle circuit is fubared. (incorrect thottle positon)
Don't shoot your self in the foot.

Vacuum advance tuning comes in last after every thing else is dialed in.
Thats funny and bang on correct, I creeped up on the initial until it pinged just a tiny bit on 92, switched to 94 and even on the hottest days it had no evident knock and made best power at 18. Only then, after reading a bunch of your stuff on vacuum advance did I try that, and even using manifold instead of timed it seemed to have much better tip in, cleaner idle for sure, and no detonation. I had pulled a plug to look for anything weird as I have zero tune up time on the qjet and the plugs looked clean, no peppering, goldish colored so I reinstalled. It actually runs amazing as it sits. And its suprisinhly very quick. I just want more, I'm determined to put it in the 12's using stock bottom end and hand me down or swap meet parts next spring. That's why I'm trying to stay away from solid cams or roller stuff etc etc. I'm def going to swap cams in the spring, and hopefully just some summit long slot rockers. My machine shop guy said he wrote down all the measurements I told him you said I needed. So i will dig out my paperwork and see what it says. That will help determine my cam choice, but again, budget hyd flat is likely. Stock pushrods, pinned studs and go from there. The guys I hang out with think this stuff is pure stupid, everyone wants a roller cam, alum name brand heads etc etc..and think what I want to achieve is impossible without spending huge money.....difference is, i have so little money in it, I'm not afraid of hurtimg it at all....makes it lots more fun lol...
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