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stinger460 09-18-2010 10:25 PM

changing control arms
I will be working on a 62 falcon 2 door sedan and I want to change the front suspension. I want to take tubular uppers from a mustang 2 suspension and put on, also using a coil over shock mounted to the lower control arm passing through the upper and attaching it to new brackets welded to the frame, and finally use 63 falcon upper and lower ball joints to change the 4 lug system to a 5 lug mustang2 spindles and bracking system.

Am I correct by thinking this will all work?

ericnova72 09-19-2010 12:25 AM

Why not just use the entire Mustang II suspension as it is proven and widely available, instead of some weird crossbreed?? You can get the Mustang II already set-up for coilovers on the lower arms.

I don't know if there are size or taper differences between MII spindles and the Falcon ball joints, so you will have to investigate this. Back of my mind says they are different, but I am not positive.

The MII also is not stock with 5 lug, they are all 4 lug unless plugged and redrilled or replaced with aftermarket 5-lug rotors.

stinger460 09-19-2010 04:01 AM

the mustang 2 conversion for a falcon starts out at $1300 and doesnt have everything for this conversion so you end up with a $2000 price tag for a conversion, when i've read that the 60 to 64 falcon and the mustang2 have the same uppers and can use mII stuff earlier stated. We were wanting to use coil overs so that we are able to eliminate the shock towers to allow room for a larger motor and fender well exit exhaust.

ericnova72 09-19-2010 05:34 AM

Thats the extent of what I know, more or less.

What about the difference in steering location/steering arm placement?? MII is front steer rack & pinion, Falcon is rear steer worm and sector box. Don't forget bumpsteer considerations.

I'd suggest looking into this at a 60's Mustang specific site as the front suspension is the same as the Falcon, there will be more people with experience in modifying them.

I have heard of the Granada spindle being used on early Mustangs to get 5 lug and disc brakes, just needs specific tie rod ends/machining. Supposed to be a simple bolt-on.

stinger460 09-19-2010 07:33 AM

yes the granada brakes and suspension may be an option however i believe that will work for the 64 and older falcons

ericnova72 09-19-2010 07:41 AM

Let us know how you end up, I like to store the knowledge away in the old brainbox :cool:

timothale 09-19-2010 07:41 AM

thunderbolt clone suspension
check out the suspension used for a fairlane thunderbolt. they moved the spring towers out. BUT THEY were POOR handling. the early falcons had a lot of bump steer, especially when more horsepower caused more front end lift. especially when you took your foot of the gas and the front end came down faster than it rose, when you accelerated you turned the steering wheel to correct . How solid is the front understructure. any internal corrosion ?How strong is the cowl -air intake structure for the heater. that was part of the load path for the front suspension. .the heavy gage spring pocket spread the loads over a larger area of the "boxed frame" part of the front structure. I would question welding the upper coil over mounts with out additional front to back support. the stock lower strut arms and ball joints were not designed for the loads that would be imposed by mounting the springs..I would seriously consider building a new front frame with rails extending to the rear suspension pickup up points, good bracing, roll cage, then use a MII design suspension. and hang the front sheet metal... when you start modifying a unibody car there are a lot of things you might not think about. retired Ford engineer.

ericnova72 09-19-2010 07:53 AM


Originally Posted by timothale
check out the suspension used for a fairlane thunderbolt. they moved the spring towers out. BUT THEY were POOR handling. the early falcons had a lot of bump steer,the stock lower strut arms and ball joints were not designed for the loads that would be imposed by mounting the springs..

I thought the same thing about the stock lowers, but wasn't sure and didn't want to give bad info.

Maybe a MII parts car for the whole front for less $$$??

MARTINSR 09-19-2010 09:19 AM

You are mistaken the Falcon DID NOT have a suspension design ANYWHERE NEAR the Mustang II, it was the same as the MUSTANG of the same year! The first series Mustang and Falcon (64-66) were built on the same "platform" and in fact the Mustang "Mules" that Ford drove around to test Mustang designs were Falcons with some Mustang sheetmetal looking like a half breed.

The early Mustang Falcon had the coil spring mounted on the UPPER control arm going UP to the TOP of the apron right under the hood.

They are NOT any way even close to the Mustang II design, sorry NOTHING will enterchange.

Now, to switch to five lug, simply put Mustang V8 front hubs and a rear axle and there you will have it. The 6 cyl had four lug the 8 had five lug.


MARTINSR 09-19-2010 09:34 AM

This is what your Falcon/Mustang suspension looks like.

This is a Mustang II set up on a AD Chevy pickup (1947-first series 55) frame. I couldn't find a single good photo of a stock Mustang II set up on a Mustang II!

Sort of a "stock Mustang II" that is, because the original Mustang II had a strut rod going from the lower control arm to the front crossmember which the Chevy pickup doesn't have so you can't run the stock strut rods out there and it would be as ugly as sin if you did so they were long done away with in the street rod world by using a normal triangle shaped lower control arm like the uppers so there is no need for the strut rod.


matt167 09-19-2010 09:48 AM

I'm really not sure what you're trying to achieve. tubular control arms are available for '63+ Falcons, but will work on '60-'62's as the control arms/ balljoints are what was changed for '63+.. disc brakes doesn't require mustang stuff.. actually Granada disc brakes are cheap and effective bolt ons for '63+ ( once you get your control arms/ balljoints changed ).. you would only need a tierod sleeve adapter because the tierods are diffrent threads '65- up....

front suspension/ steering generally interchanges with the following because they are all 'Falcon based'
'64-'68 Mustang
'63-'69 Falcon
Ford Maverick
Ford Granada

timothale 09-19-2010 12:49 PM

parts interchange
I sold the complete front suspension off a 63 falcoln sprint I had a while back. the car got totaled while parked. It was quick, 260, 4 speed, different cam, 4 barrel, a cheap build, the guy said he needed everything to bolt on his early falcon as it was too much trouble to mix pieces and get them to work. the main structural components of the falcoln chassis was the front rails where the a arms bolt on , the spring pockets, the material from the pockets to the firewall, the cowl-air intake for the heater, (a lot of those rust out in the bottom from leaves and dirt build up) then the structure over to the rocker panels, then back to the rearbox sections for rear spring mount. You could add a sub frame kit like is available for the Fox chassis mustangs 80's style. I added a sq tube reinforcement under the rockers on the outside of the down lip The factory used heavier gage material for convertibles and the k engine chassis rockers I used a hole saw to cut the tubing and ended up with a ladder structure on both sides,and made custon connector pieces to tie it all together, Ford put bigger tires on one of the test mules and did a lot of hard cornering.. It started tweeking the radiator support from the sideways push on the chassis. I added tubing to reinforce the top of the radiator support as well as a custom brace center of cowl to the shock towers , shelby mustang style.

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