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Arrow Chapter 2 of my storie: When Billy meets a girl

“Damn it’s lame out her tonight Pete, no ricer’s to be found.” says Billy glancing all around the street. “Where could they be?”
“I don’t know.” Says Peter dumbfounded.
Billy pulls over to an old man about 67 years old.
“Excuse me sir, where is everyone tonight? Isn’t there usually a big car show Fridays?” asks Billy.
“I don’t know sunny, but I did hear something about them canceling the town car show and starting something out at the Reynolds’s farm. Maybe you should try there.” Says the man giving a smile to Billy.
“Thank you sir.” Says Billy.
The two drive for about 25 minutes down a 2-lane highway until they see a sign that says ‘Reynolds Farm: Greatest Strawberries in the State. Turn left 3 Miles’
“That’s it.” Says Billy pointing to the sign.
The car turns onto an old one-way dirt road. Dust flowing in the air already makes it obvious that car shave been down this way. The car enters a dark patch of thick trees. Owls hoot and the howl of a far away wolf echoes through the night. Old rusted cars are barely visible with the help of a faint moonlight. A doe darts across the road and off into the distance. The darkness covers Peter and Billy for at least 5 minutes before coming across a patch of lanterns leading the way. The car bounces through the field where berries used to grow. The 39 Ford finds it’s way through the field to find itself in a line 10 car’s long. A man with a long curly mustache walks up to Billy. He recognized him as Jim Reynolds Leidrow, a retired Vietnam Vet who hangs around ‘Langenkows Sports Bar and Grill’.
“Hey man nice car, what are you here for.” Asks Jim.
“I don’t know, I heard there was a car show going on here from and old man in town. Is this the right place?” Asks Billy
“Yeah, sure is.” Says Jim looking over Billy’s car. He walks all the way around the car inspecting it. “Tell me about your car and stuff” says Jim.
“Well, Peter and I built it ourselves in his garage. It has about 560 HP and 6,000 feet of torque.” Says Billy
“Nice.” Says Jim in awe. “Go right up that way and turn left when you see a man with a glow stick around his arms, show his this pass.” Says Jim giving a yellow piece of paper to Pete. “You be careful kid”
“I will.” Says Billy with a huge grin on his face.
The car pulls up next to a 55 Bel-Air, Blown and set-for drag.
“What’s that got in it buddy?” asks a 19 year-old female sitting in the drivers side of the Bel-Air.
“565 HP with probably 6,500 feet of torque. Blown 375 SB Ford, the blower is 8-71. How about you?” says Billy giving the attractive young brunette a wink.
“527 HP with exactly 6,256 feet torque. The engine is a 350 Chevy with a 8-71 also.” Says the brunette with a faint smile adding “Wanna race?”
The cars meet at the man with the glow sticks and show them both their passes. They pull up to a well-organized and finely paved drag strip. There is a small crowd and a man with a microphone and glasses. Billy also recognizes him as him high-school enemy, Andrew Stalkins. Billy pulls up the tree and lights up his tires, sending the crowd of about 50 people into a crazed tantrum. The Brunette responds with a flair of her own. The two reverse back to the line and Peter gets out, directing Billy to the line.
“Smoke this ***** eh’ Billy?” says Peter with a huge grin and then walks off to the bleachers.
The lights go into the pre-stage and Billy revs up his RPM’s to about 1,500 and as the light goes green he slams it into first. He rockets forward doing a wheelie but being caught by the wheelie bars. He pulls out far ahead of his opponent going into 2nd gear and 3rd gear. 4th gear he see’s the vixen out of the corner of his eye. Billy glances over and throws it into 5th and final gear pulling out ahead of his opponent. Billy crosses the finish and goes off into the post staging zone. He looks up at the monitor and it displays a time of 9.56 seconds and a speed of 169 MPH. A new record!!
Billy meets his opponent at the other end and shakes her hand.
“Nice Driving.” Says Billy looking the brunette in the eyes.
“You too. My name is Stephanie.” She says with a smile walking away.
“What was that all about Billy?” asks Peter looking at Stephanie walking toward her car.
“I think I’m in love Pete!” says Billy with a smile.

I hope you enjoy. It took me awhile.

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