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rabrawlins 07-26-2002 01:54 PM

Cheap Horsepower
Hope I'm not repeating too many questions here but I put in a search for carb spacers and didn't come up with much and you guys sure seem to know your way around performance issues.

I've got a 350 hp L-82 thats a beautiful beast. I've got it in a 76 Toyota landcruiser FJ40 4x4. I gave an '80 Vette a good run for his money last night, boy was he stoked about not being able to blow me off. Anyways... I'm looking for cheap horsepower and I'm hoping you guys can yay or nay my ideas. Would these improvements be worth it? Not in any particular order.

1) Carb spacer 3/4 - 1" 4 hole?
2) 1:5 roller rockers
3) Jacobs ignition system
4) Power pulleys
5) K&N Air Filter
6) Edelbrock Injection system

Anything else I should consider?


johnnymopar 07-26-2002 04:56 PM


the stuff you mention won't really do that much. The undersized pulleys will free up a bit of horsepower but...

The 1.5 ratio rockers are pretty much standard to every engine. The air filter might help the engine breath better but you're not going to see any major increase in power. The carb plate is more for keeping the carb away from heat to prevent boilover. The ignition system will give you better spark but again, i don't know if you'll really notice it.

I think you're going to have to get into some real parts if you want more power. If you don't want to get into major engine rip down then start with a bigger carb or some better headers or maybe a better intake. If you want to do more then put in a bigger cam and get better heads.

No offense, but the stuff you suggested will give you minimal changes.


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