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Originally Posted by Yachtsman View Post
I agree, in the US both the oil companies get a subsidy and the farmers who grow the corn get a subsidy. ALL fuel subsidies should stop! And then research into Brackish water algae would happen. Even now it can make make the raw materials for Ethanol, biodiesel and something that the Australian Air force can use as jet fuel and much cheaper than fossil oil, When I asked a Proffeser at Michigan State the ratio of energy of Ethanol and gasoline he said 70%.
You do not understand fuel density. Look at the hydro carbon content in the fuels. It is not a secret the oil companies are hiding from you. gasoline has the most hydrocarbons of any fuel per pound that can be used in a IC none desiel engine.

Go to the race track and talk to the guys that run methanol they will set you striaght they use gallons of fuel to run the 1/4 mile. same power can be made with less than a gallon of gasoline.

Gasoline has not improved over the years. It has gotten worse. 104 real lead is not a new product it was availbe at the pump in us for 25 cents a gallon in the 1960s. now we are stuck with at best 94 but that is hard to find only 92 is avilable at every station.

Natural gas and hydrogen will both run and engine with good power and economy. If you are for real this is the right direction. Hydrogen is the highest density that is possible plain and simple all other fuel are rated on there hydrogen content or Hydrocarbon content. But the fuel part is not carbon its hydrogen. Solving the real issue of cracking hydrogen from water will solve the fuel problems over night. Plain and simple it can be used to make electrity and provide 100% pure water as a by product. Also only out put water for the most part when burned in IC engines. But it is extreamly dangerous to have a 3000 psi cylinder in your car and driving around with it all the time. It also burns with an invisible flame making it even more dangerous in a vehicle. SO ethanol and gas are used as a suspension that greatly improves saftey and storage concerns. One look at the periodic table will show you why you cant get a potenial energy without splitting atoms.
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