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McMarcy 03-29-2013 03:23 PM

Chevy 350 V8 Small Block Gen.1 and R154 5 Speed
first, sorry for my bad English but I don't write English to often.
And Second, it's not about a Hotrod, but I think you have some Know how about that.

So, my name is Marcel and I'm from Germany, one of my hobby's is Drifting and that's why I write here.
I'm driving an BMW E36 as a Racecar and the 2.5 Liter inline 6 Cylinder has just not enough Power for doing Drifting in dry on the German Racetracks (Green hell, Hockenheim etc.)
So I've looked a long time for a more powerful engine, thought about an BMW V8 4.0l, also Started to build that engine in, but with that engine you have to change everything... Bulkhead, Front Axle, Steering linkage, Steering gear, Break booster, Oilpump, Oilpan etc...
I finally had a Position how everything could work but it would be very far in the frontend and also very high.

So I decided not to build in that engine and talked to a Friend that drives 1/4 Mile races for years with his Camaro.
He Said he has some old 350 Chevy SB engines that have to low power for his car (he said they should have around 300 to 480HP)
At least one of those Engines was strong enough to get his Z28 Camaro to an 10,9 on the 1/4 mile, but with Nitrous.
So it should have enough Power for me.
But the biggest problem now is the Transmission.
All Guy's I know with cars like that are driving with an Automatic Transmission.
First I thought about an BMW V8 5 Speed but they only hold about 260lb/ft.
And I'm pretty sure it will fall in Parts after maybe 5 Rounds :D

So I decided to look for an R154 Toyota Transmission, a friend of me drives that in his E36 with the Supra 6 Cylinder Turbo at ~585lb/ft, since 2 years and don't has problems with that Transmission.
It also has an Bolted Bellhousing what should be better to adapt that Transmission on an Chevy 350 SB Gen 1.

I've read something about that here but didn't got Answers to my questions.

So here after my long Story my Questions:

Is there an Original Bellhousing that fits between the 350 and the R154?
If not is there maybe an Aftermarket Bellhousing?
At best maybe with an Hydraulic Clutch?
Which one should be used?
I Thought about fitting an Supra Flywheel on an Chevy Flexplate?
So I could use the Starter from the Chevy SB and the clutch of the Supra.
Or is there a Better way?

I would be happy for some Answers :)


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