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Originally Posted by whyholdback
Vacuum advance: Are you running ported vacuum, from the carb, or are you running manifold vacuum? It should be manifold vacuum. If not, there's a problem.
Are the throttle blades drilled? If not, then start small. If so, open them up a little. Either way, you have to remove the carb. This will get you some adjustment back, but you'll have to re-adjust your idle mixture screws.
Does your intake manifold have a divided plenum? If so, are you using a 4-hole carb gasket? If not, get one.
Also, FYI, any cam that has any idle noticeable as not being stock is a wild cam, not a mild cam.

ok, im running ported vacuum as the local parts store here doesnt have a "T" valve i can run into my intake to split my brake/vac. id rather not have to drill my butterflies as its a fairly new edelbrock 1405, and i dont have another carb to swap on if it dont solve problems. intake is a wieland 7546 open plentium, no spacer (tho i have a spcer, but its open also) i dont understand what u mean as its a wild cam.... i say mild cam cause its a lil hotter than a rv cam, but nothing like a full blown race car.

[/QUOTE]I'm not flaming you here, but I say this quite often and the same thing applies to you and everybody else that is guilty of the same crime.
You cannot time it "by ear" It's the same thing as shooting in the dark. Get a timing light and find out where the timing is otherwise your wasting your time and your asking for parks breakage when detonation sets in and ruins your engine. Once you get the timing where it should be if it still won't idle it will need a stall converter.
When you get a timing light, with vacuum advance disconnected and plugged, set it to 12 degrees before top dead center. Lock down distributor. Now plug in vacuum advance to a full time manifold vacuum source. This is a source that pulls vacuum at idle. When you connect it right away it's going to idle up. If it does not the vacuum canister is ruptured. Now recheck the timing. It should be 18 to 24 degrees before top dead center. Now idle it down to 700 to 650 RPM and reset the idle mixture screws. Now put it in gear and see if it idles, if not then more than likely it needs a stall converter.

currently i dont have access to a timing light and/or a vacuum gauge as i dont know anyone here who has one or able to buy one. so guess im shooting in the dark till money gets better.

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