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Originally Posted by foodstamp
ok, new to the forum, so dont flame me anyway, iv search and read and tried many diff things from what iv read on the board and still end up with same problem. i just traded for the truck so i dont know the cam specs but it has a nice overlap. with that bein said, i cant hold an idle less idle screw is turned almost all way in then it idles really high but when i drop in gear, it wont hold an idle if im not feathering the gas. i know it isnt good cuz im getting the drive line "snap" where its churping the tires when it goes into gear. as far as the idle, iv twisted dizzy back and forth, set it by ear at highest rpm that it doesnt climb anymore and starts w/ a bump of key. but idle is still alot less than desired as it has to idle up ruffly 1200-1400 rpm to stay running. i dont know if my vac. advance is working. plugging carb and vac line makes no differance, but if i put vac. line back on carb and lift it slightly... idle climbes, but as soon as i drop it idle drops back to bein really choppy. as far as trans, im hoping and praying i dont have to get a bigger stall as i cant afford one right now, much less payin someone to put it in.
I'd say you need to get info on the cam, it might need 1200 to idle depending on its timing characteristics. If you can't get published data then you'll have to go through the drill with a degree wheel, piston stop, a good dial gauge, and friend who will wrench the engine around for beer.

The wilder the cam the harder it will be to tune, as someone said you need a timing light if price is a problem look at Harbor Freight, it's Chinese but at least you pay for made in China unlike so many American brands that are also made in China but charge you made in America prices.

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