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RowShan 09-29-2009 02:55 PM

chevy 383- timing and carb advise/Now irratic timing mark! and ticking!! oh no!
Hello, Hopefully someone can help lead me in the right direction.. I have been reading all kinds of message boards for a few days now and cannot seem to get an answer.. Heres my issues.
I bought a 383 stroker engine from a lady whos husband went to jail.. therefore she had no clue what it has in it, Friends that knew him said only that is it 383 , has 400 crank, mild to med cam, stock heads, with headers, and edelbrock 1405 600cfm carb. The engine had never been on the road, it was just dropped in his project car before he went to jail, Anyways a few buddy's and myself pulled the engine for my pickup truck that I have, we got it running and has been doing ok, but does not have the power I think it should, not much more than the stock 350 that was in my truck.
The carb is still in stock form, no adjustments except the idle mixture screws a few turns out which seems right. I also just tried swithching the dizzy's vac advance from the timed vac port on the carb to the manifold vac port. The idle went up some and i lowered it with the adjust screw on the carb throttle linkage. Haven't got to test drive it yet, (its not street legal) more for off roading.
I'm wondering if someone can give me advise on what to set the timing at for a good starting point? and what to look for if i turn the dist cap too far one way or the other while fine tuning it. Inital timing and final... Also any recommendations for the carb 1405 calibration? jets, Metering rods, and such?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.. Please.
Thanks so much in advance.

ap72 09-29-2009 03:01 PM

stock jets, spring, and rods in the carb to start with (maybe a hair richer on the small end of the metering rods to get started) and 14 degrees initial 34 degrees total timing.

RowShan 09-29-2009 04:11 PM

Anyone have any other opinions.. or on my other questions?
Thanks :)

RowShan 09-30-2009 07:16 AM

Ok so last night, I adjusted the timing, it seemed like when I went up to around 34 it seems ok, I noticed though that the mark on the harmonic balancer was pretty irratic! It seemed to move back and forth almost 5 degrees... What the heck is that from? Another thing i noticed when giving it some gas it sounded responsive but after revving like when its coming back to idle I notice a tapping ticking noise... could this be from the timing? or are we taliking valves? or Rod bearings? hope not! Rod bearings is why I got rid of my 350 a few months back! It only makes the noise when its coming off the rev, not while its going up?? This has me stuck! Any help please??

RowShan 09-30-2009 01:26 PM

Just took the valve covers off to see if noticed anything terribly wrong... all look ok except on the passenger side roller rockers there is a damn bolt screwed into the top where you would put like an allen wrench?? I think? Its only on one of the rockers and I cannot figure out why??

cobalt327 09-30-2009 03:51 PM


Originally Posted by RowShan
Ok so last night, I adjusted the timing, it seemed like when I went up to around 34 it seems ok, I noticed though that the mark on the harmonic balancer was pretty irratic! It seemed to move back and forth almost 5 degrees...

This could be due to the mechanical advance springs being right at the point that the engine RPM is causing advance to begin. Try either a stiffer spring on one side or lowering the idle speed to see if the timing stabilizes.

RowShan 09-30-2009 04:25 PM

Just to follow up on this,
I tried the timing light again and it doesn't seem to be moving even half as much. jumps maybe a degree or 2 but not half as bad now... hmm maybe the dizzy was too loose the first time?
it seems as if the normal Alan type screw that goes in the top of the rocker was missing or something and the previous owner put a bolt in there that has a 9/16" head on it, maybe this (bolt) isn't holding the rocker where it should be?? Letting it back out some and causing the tapp tapp tick . Anyways I have a friend coming over tomorrow that's a GM tech hopefully he can get this all straightened out... thanks to those who have replied and I will give updates as I figure more out.

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