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Originally Posted by techinspector1 View Post
Assuming these heads have the stock valve sizes, 2.06"/1.72", they won't be a candidate for high hp. You don't want high hp anyway, not in a tractable street motor. You want high torque, so let's build a torque motor that will put a grin on your face.

Check main bearing bore for roundness and parallelism of all holes. Align-hone or align-bore the main bearing bore to correct mis-alignment or out-of-round.
Indexing off main bearing bore, cut block decks to 9.790" block deck height. Bore cylinders to 4.310" for these pistons....
KB Pistons for Automotive Applications
Assuming that your heads are ~119cc (you'll never know for sure until you cc them, but we'll assume 119 for this exercise). Using a head gasket of ~0.040" will put the squish at ~0.050, right where I'd want to be with a BB. Static compression ratio will be 9.1:1, just right for crappy pump gas.

You MUST match the cam to the static compression ratio, so I would use any of these in this build. Choose one.
CompCams 11-203-3
Crane 103052
Engle 2212H
Iskenderian 396256
Lunati 10110101 or 10110212

Rochester Quadrajet (750/800) mounted on a Edelbrock Performer RPM #7164. Equal-length, long-tube headers with H-pipe installed before the mufflers. 3.55 or 3.73 rear gears with an Auburn posi. Might be even more fun with a slightly looser converter than stock. (tire wear WILL be a problem until you learn to control this combo).

I used the Crane cam on this DynoSim and retarded it 4 degrees from straight up to get the best numbers. Here's the cam timing.....
IVO -1, IVC 37, EVO 39, EVC -3

Here's the head flow I used.....
0.100" 69 57
0.200" 142 103
0.300" 190 127
0.400" 217 158
0.500" 238 179
0.600" 270 197

1000 76 400
1500 133 466
2000 200 525
2500 257 540
3000 300 526
3500 340 510
4000 370 485
4500 360 419
5000 312 328

Peak volumetric efficiency 79.8% @3500 rpm's
Peak BMEP 174.6 lbs @2500 rpm's
Thanks a lot I appreciate your time. You're right a torquey engine is better for me since I won't b seeing the track at the way..can you give me an estimate of these costs?? Im 21 years of age so my budget is limited..
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