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wrenchturner 04-10-2002 03:02 PM

chevy gear heads
305 heads on a 350 flat top pistons been milled dont know how much adjusted the valve cold lash 0 lash intake valves hitting pistons worked on dish top pistons 480 lift cam now cam is that radical heads has been worked on blended to fit 350 bore ? poor man blues

1BAD80 04-10-2002 05:40 PM

Why did you use 305 heads on a 350? they have less flow. The cam is probably to much lift and the valves are hitting the piston. Whatever you do dont crank the motor over until you find the problem. Bent valves or a cracked piston.Excessive ware on cam also.
Do the pistons have a valve relief cut into them?
Did you do a clay/ measure test for valve to piston gap?

wrenchturner 04-10-2002 09:28 PM

poor mans respective: didn't check valve to piston clearance 480 lift my opinion should not have to be experimenting still don't understand why valves are hitting pistons intake only cold lash zero. To answer your question, port and polished 58 cc chamber, 184 intakes, poormans' heads. Always trying to hurt peoples' pride, pocket's not deep. Used to run 283. Ran 11.90's. Backyard budget man. Thanks for the response, respond back!

HQ Pete 04-11-2002 04:40 AM

if the intake valves are hitting then the cam timeing maybe too advanced ,good luck .

1BAD80 04-11-2002 05:17 PM

HQ PETE is correct. Compcams come ground 4 degrees advanced, and if you advanced this cam it will crash. I'd recheck the cam timing. has all the info on cam timing, spring bind,anything on cams,heads, rocker angle.

wrenchturner 04-11-2002 09:30 PM

thanks you both was right on went back to timing chain rechecked dots found I was off dots was poorly visible just about needed a magnifying glass to see had some numbers next to it wasnt at the end of the teeth well that problem solved now Ive have bigger problems block has crack in it lucky I got another ready to go but I didnt really want to use it its set to go to a 383 have every thing for it exept some decent heads low on funds put on hold for another day dont want to cut corners on it like the other one just trying to get something going to hold me over till things change really appreciate the input back to the drawing board Thanks

1BAD80 04-13-2002 05:32 PM

Next time, do like I need to, put a dot of white paint or something so you can see it easier.
Glad to hear that you fixed the problem.
G :D

[ April 13, 2002: Message edited by: 1BAD80 ]</p>

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