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Hi Guys thanks for alll the replys :-)

75gmck25 I would love the idea of that fuel injected system, looked it up on the interweb, definately I grouse bit of kit. I think though if I was going down that route I would prolly look at getting a later model engine, more power, more efficiency etc. Just a paid with the computerand loom etc. However I have it in mind for my next project, for which I will be questing for more cubes. But thanks for the idea anyway, I was not aware those systems existed.

cobalt327 (always good to hear from someone with 327 in their name! All the driving pointers suggested I already try to use, full tyres etc and I drive off a vacume gauge. I don't think I can get much more there.

When you say accelerator pump, is this the powervalve in holly type carbs, or the cam on the throttle plates? I have already lowered my vacume activated powervalve to a point where it doesn't come in too early and waste fuel, but nor is it too late, meaning you have to give it the welly to get anyware.

Haven't considered shooter size yet, will do some reaserch on that and get back to you.

With regard to better flowing heads do you mean have mine ported etc, or get a more modern design with smaller chambers? If I get smaller chambers/higher compression, would I need to use higher octane fuel?

Finally, your information on octance numbers etc are interesting. I have noted on this site some people run their chev on 87 octane. Our lowest is 91, which is roughly 4 higher than 87, so it seems I am running on the lowest (cheapest) type possible. I am getting a little ping justoff idle both excellerating andf decelerating. I believe this is caused by the vac advance coming in to quick or too much to early. I am trying to taylor it, but will probably just retard timing by a few degrees, as our 91 gas is 5c cheaper than the 95 octane.

So cobalt thanks for your suggestions :- )

And last but by no means least, Mr Nothing's Easy (I agree by the way, but soldier on we must). Am soooo keen on a 700r, as you say better gearing for the street in low gears, then the overdrive on highway. Price here is beyond a simple cheap swap, I guess there is not soo many old ones over hear. I might loook into getting on over from aussie, if I can souce it cheap enough. What are they worth over you way, either for a runner, or one in need of a recon? Judt out of interest, cos I figure if I can get one, I will be able to use in all my future old school V'8s, of which I intend there to be many :-)

Thanks again for your replies I will try the various things and get back to you with result.


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