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subman17 07-22-2004 10:07 PM

Chevy small block blower install tuning issues.
I looked around and could no info regarding this except for posts regarding people not liking pertronix kits so here is my question.

I have just completed installing a Holley/weiand 142 blower in my 1969 Chevy c-10 pickup. I am running a brand new Edelbrock 1413 carb, Holley 110gph mechanical fuel pump, and an MSD Boost timing module. It started right up first try, and idled perfectly. It was smoking a bit cause I set the carb up too rich, so I took it back down to the stock metering rods and jets. It now still purrs like a kitten at idle, but when you take it to 1500rpm or more, it misses like crazy. It shakes the truck when you bring it up through the RPM slowly from 1500 and up. If you just burp the throttle, it revs up smoothly and no miss. I am running an MSD 6al, and the boost timing control box. I have the stock points style distributor, with a pertronix conversion kit in it, and an MSD cap and rotor. I think it is the pertronix set up causing the problem even though it ran fine before the install, all we did was change the cap and rotor(which could have knocked the pertronix out of whack) I check the timing, looks fine, and we even played with different timing settings, no difference in the rough running issue. :confused: So anyways, to make a long story short, should I just break down and get an MSD distributor model 8361 and junk the pertronix, or is my problem elsewhere? Thanks for the help and suggestions!

tresi 07-23-2004 05:47 PM

My guess is that you're too lean now. It revs clean when you hit the throttle because it's getting a good pump shot of gas. I would split the difference between where you are now and where you were jetted and see what happens.

subman17 07-24-2004 11:32 AM

All up and running
Well, The truck is up and running with the blower, and it is great. It is scary fast.:mwink: It ended up being the distributor, so I got a new MSD pro-billit. In case anyone was wondering, the reason I didnt use the 250 blower and went out and bought a new 142 is because I wanted it to fit under my stock hood. So anyways, time to go out and tune some more, this tuning with a blower definitely has a learning curve.

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