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full pull bob 08-18-2008 09:39 PM

chevy small block for truck pulling
Hello. I am looking for opinions on what to use for a motor that will produce torque and hp for my stock class truck puller. It is a 1972 chev 3/4 four wheel with a manual four speed and the truck weighs a little over 5000lbs. It is geared with 4.10s, 205 t case and is running 265/75/16 tires. I have considered a 383 or to keep things simple of running a 400 going for more cubes. I also like the idea of vortec heads with the understanding that for stock heads, they pretty much outperform all previous stock sbc heads out of the box. This particular build has to handle rpms and produce of course decent amounts of power. This is what the truck will primarily do is pull, but the catch is that it has to retain stock looks, no headers, no alum. intake as to pass tech inspections once in a while. give me some ideas where to take this, thank you

techinspector1 08-18-2008 10:49 PM

Scoggin-Dickey made patterns to cast up their own cast iron Vortec manifold (not a GM part, a Scoggin-Dickey part), but I see it has been discontinued. You might find it by advertising in some roundy-round trade journals. I'd call Scoggin-Dickey just to make sure they don't have 1 left under the counter. I might also call around to some of the local circle track offices and inquire. You never know. It's in my S-D catalog at $169.99 retail, part# 14097499.

full pull bob 08-19-2008 11:07 AM

sbc pulling motor
thanks for reply. my goal is to keep stock looks and have as much power as needed. it also has to sound basically stock

454C10 08-19-2008 01:17 PM

A 400 (406 cid) with 180cc Dart Iron Eagles is the way to go for torque.

If you are required to run exhaust manifolds and require a stockish idle then get a cam with 212-214 degrees on the intake and 10 more degrees on the exhaust with 110 LSA.

Use D-shaped piston dished to drop the compression to 9 to 9.25:1. Use a Q-jet with a stock gm high rise cast iron intake. Don't use a JET q-jet, they suck. You will need to spend about 500.00 to get a good Q-jet.

As for timing, 15 degree initial and 37 total should do it.

You will not be able to find a 4bbl cast iron intake that fits the vortec heads.

it would be better to use cast hyper pistons (quieter).

It would be nice to use 5.7 inch rods but it will cost more money and knowledge to set that up right.

full pull bob 08-19-2008 03:00 PM

sbc pulling motor
I think I might be able to get away with an aluminum intake and if looks close to stock, paint it to match rest of motor. Ninety percent of the pulls they dont open the hood for insp. because around here our stock classes are not sanctioned. You just win trophy for first , second, or third. I am just looking for tricks of the chevy trade to get the most out of sbc. sort of the sleeper mode until I open it up. I may also jump into improved stock next year and they allow alum. intakes and headers. the people in that class have their motors tuned up pretty healthy so a person could get away with more, but they also inspect those trucks a little closer since they are sanctioned. I am pretty knowledged on sbc... what would it take to run the 5.7 rods? Im also close to reputable machine shop to get any machining done if need be, thanks for info, Bob

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