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Originally Posted by deckofficer
Before someone jumps in about Solardyne and wasted tax dollars, need to clear the air on this one. Solardyne was conceived during the time of $5 per watt to the end user. Thanks to China, retail prices are as low as $1.13 per watt now. Hard to stay in business when the selling price of your product takes such a hit in such a short time.

Oh yeah it was China's fault you are laughable. They did not know about that before they asked for our tax money, you really need to quit drinking. Why do you think they asked for the money? They were a looser before they came to the tax payer bank, after the visit they became crooks with the governments blessing, read that as Obmammy.

You make all this NOISE about how great the electric cars are. Then in typical liberal fashion you tell others what's best for them, all the while driving and enjoying your hotrod. I say dump that piece of gas guzzling crap and let's see you start driving one of those great electric cars .

You love them so much I say buy one and then come run your mouth, of course I will not be able to hear you cause of my big dinosaur eating, screwing up your breathable air V8, makes to much noise.

Looking forward to your pictures. Deckofficer the proud owner of his electric standing on the side of the road, with a dead battery and a 20 foot extension cord.

Say buddy can I borrow an outlet? That is just to funny I crack myself up sometimes, rolling on the floor.
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