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Originally Posted by topwrench
Getting back to the thread
Id like to pose these questions
The Volt .What is the voltage of the motor(input voltage)

I think about 360 volts

How many watts at full power,how much horsepower

120Kw, so 161 hp I'll have to check.

Is the motor A/C or D/C


Is it wye or Delta winding

wye, I'll have to check.

What is the battery composition and chemichal structure?


apparently this has a generator to charge the batteries,not a hybrid but a totally electric car.

Yes, electric drive, no engine connection.

Is it a constant speed generator,does it drive an inverter?

Constant speed DC output PM alternator.

If constant speed what is the governed RPM?

I'll have to check.

What is the rated KW of the generator?

I'll have to check.

Does the car use electro braking,if so how is the energy transfered to the batteries?

Regen, first stage just lift throttle pedal, 2nd stage first application of brakes, and this can be user set for amount of re-gen.

Nice to know these things before such a heated argument
I personally wouldnt buy one,I live in the country,in the south,commutes are rather long for me and I love hotrods.
An engine or electrical motor is a machine that converts Thermal(heat) energy into Kinetic energy(energy in motion) there are definite and proven laws of Thermodynamics that apply here!
It takes so much energy to make so much power
At their most basic points the laws state
You can never break even
You can never go back
then theres the zeroth law and entropy
I see a lot of experts on the Volt in this forum
Please answer my questions
Id like to know!
Thanks in advance
You ask great knowledgeable questions, I'll have to re check my answers after some research.
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