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I didn't want to get into this but one statement rubbed me the wrong way:
Hemi engines were/are used in the most EXTREME forms of motorsport, and have a race heritage equaled by WHAT?
The Hemi had, and still does do well in one form of racing.... Wanna guess what that is? Yup you guessed it Drag racing. Sure it had a few years of good racing in Nascar, but thats it a few. Ford, and Chevrolet have built engines just as successful for this type of racing.

So did the Hemi ever do well in road racing? No it didn't, no big blocks ever did no matter who made them. Sure dodge built a good engine for the Trans-Am series in the late 60's into the 70's, not a Hemi, a 340.

So where else did the Hemi make its mark? No where, if it wasn't straight line racing. I cannot even tell you for sure if the Hemi was even allowed in Nascar sanctioned events. (I'll have to find out) Even if they were there for the reign of the SuperBird, I can guarantee you the engine had a very minimal part of winning those races, it was the design of the car. It was Nascars SuperBirds, Daytonas that won races. It was so innovative they outlawed it because of its dominance.

Now I've said it a hundred times, the Hemi was a good engine, made great power. But it was not the only engine built back in the Muscle Car days like some Mopar boys would lead you to believe. As far as race heritage goes I think the only North American car that ever did any good in that era on the International stage was built by Ford. Cobra, GT40 etc. Thats hard for me to say cause I'm no Ford fan, but I think its true. I just get sick of the Mopar guys saying Hemi's this, Hemi's that. Relax on the Hemi Kick guys, Mopar did build other great, if not better performers. I understand everyone is entitled to their own opinion, just don't make a bold statement that just isn't true. You preach Mopar, I'll Keep preachin' Chevy, just don't make it sound like there was only one good mill, makes Mopar sound bad.

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