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Willys, I can think of another example of a real bargain from HF since you mention air tools- the "Earthquake" impact wrench. I have heard more than once about the junk impact wrenches that HF has and if you buy one of the 1/2" models for $9.95 or some other ridiculous price it could not be expected to be worth anything but that in no way means the "Earthquake" is junk. The "Earthquake" comes in 3/8", 1/2" and 3/4" and maybe 1" drive but the 1/2" is a brute I know for sure and the others most likely are too. These things are a knock-off of the IR "Thunder gun" but cost about half of the IR price, not saying they are as good as the IR but they are definitly worth the $79.95 they are usually on sale for. I ran a welding shop for many years and I tried to buy the best equipment I could, still would if I had it to do over again, but to recommend that everyone just go out and buy the top-of-the-line equipment for hobby work does not always make sense. That "Duel Mig" is more than just a decent machine as far as performance, at least for the price, and it would be very interesting to see if the durability of the one my buddy has is just a fluke or can it be expected from this particular model? I think HF does themselves a lot of harm by selling the totally junk items because the bad press they get from it costs them sales of the decent items, and they do have some decent stuff. On their larger equipment, lathes, mills, bandsaws, etc they sell the same thing that other importers sell for a heck of a lot more when the equipment actually comes from the same factory but a lot of people will avoid HF because of the bad rap from the junk. An example would be the 14x40 engine lathe lathe I saw recently, this is the same exact machine that Enco and a couple of other outfits sell for around $3995.00 to 4995.00 but HF gets 3199.00 for it with the only major difference being the color. Same for the little 9x20 lathe that they sell for $599.00, some outfits sell the Jet brand of the SAME EXACT lathe for as much as $1300.00 and the HF comes with more accessories than the jet! Some people will argue that HF just gets what the factory failed inspection for everyone else but this is BS and in the case of that little 9x20 lathe I know from first-hand experience that the only difference except price is the color and name. Just because the cheapest tool they have does not hold up well does not mean that everything they have is junk and there are some bargains to be found at HF for the hobbyist and that "Duel Mig" may be one of them
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