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camarodude87 09-01-2007 09:10 PM

Choke on a 3rd gen Camaro
I have a Edelbrock 600 carb with a manual choke. I just had a new 355 put in and never bothed to check the carb (really take a look) . Well I took a look at it and it was wired open (im thinkin) When i took the filter off the flap is open. Has my choke always been on??? It seems to smell strong. Also I have no A/C in the car (had ripped out). I took out my cig lighter and was wanting to throw the choke cable in there (PERFECT SPOT) but i cant seem to find a good route. I was wanting a cable longer than 5'. Does anybody Kno there i can get a long choke cable? Or a good route without destroying my dash.

Thanks Ray

Will H 09-01-2007 10:30 PM

Ray, when the blade is straight up your choke is off. That's the normal position after warm up. If the cable you have isn't long enough you can probably get a longer one at any parts house. If you can't find one long enough then you can buy some piano wire at the music store and fab an extension on the one that you have. The best place to mount it would be under your dash on a good solid bracket. You want it just to the right of the steering column. On a third generation Carmaro you may have to fab a bracket to the closest solid metal. You want it mounted good and strong. When you start your Camaro on a cold morning pull the choke knob out, start it and then push the knob in a little and drive away. Don't forget to push the knob back in as the car warms up. When the motor is warm the knob should be all the way in and the choke blade on the carb should be wide open. Automatic chokes were made for people who couldm't remember to push the knob in.

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