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Originally Posted by MARTINSR
I could do this in a PM but then the other guys would miss out on some great intellectual stuff.

Tell me something how do you prove you do any of this stuff? The photos you have posted, they are your neighbors projects and you sit over there and drink beer and take pictures. I am not accusing you of that, but that COULD be the truth if not for one thing, you say things that prove you have done them. If you don't see that in what I say, well I am sorry. It's like that Bullseye tool I posted, I could have said I made it, why not? Well, I don't have any reason to build up my self asteem, so I don't do something like that. I could post photos of my brothers project and say it's me, I don't need to do that.

I have not built hotrods or did custom work on a regular basis for about 15 years now. Long before I got a digital camera and took photos of everything like I do now. Back when I was chopping tops and the like I was trying to make a living. I wasn't taking photos to post on an web site, I didn't even have a computer until 2000. I was a poor businessman and worked my ever loving butt off trying to make a living, not pump up my self esteem.

Now I usually only take photos of things to show how to do them, not pump up my self esteem. Or maybe something interesting at work or a nice car I see at a show.

I do have many photos of building my brothers 22 Buick Roadster, I do have photos of it in the Grand National Roadster show where it came in sixth in a group of 13 in the "Altered street roadster class". This being the same class that "Americas Most Beautiful Roadster" is in where the first place cars owner had more money in his display then my brother had in his car. In this show he came in sixth! EVERY car in that pack you have seen in magazines, lots of magazines. I do have the American Rodder issue on that show where it refers to my brothers car as one the best detailed cars there that deserved a spot in the main area with the big boys. I have the four or so magazines where this car was featured.(not a shot in a Good guys show or something, FEATURED) I have the Street Rodder with a 23 Bucket I did all the body and paint on in the main area of the Grand National Roadster show in 1979, but you could say I didn't do it. Also a 70 VW bug I chopped in the show, I chopped it in ONE DAY, done, in primer. Sorry, didn't have any time to take photos for you. How about the VW I did suicide doors on, sorry no photos but I could explain to you exactly how I did it with 56 Ford F-100 hinges. I did so many custom VWs back in the eighties I had templates hanging on the wall for filling in exhaust cutouts, horn grilles, lights, etc. Then when the mini trucks became the rage, again, did so many of those trucks filling lights, shaving handles, rolled pans and so on, I had a shop full of them on many days.

I don't have many photos of my brothers 65 Gran Sport convertible that I did all the body and paint, frame off resto, but it was featured in Muscle Car Enthusiast Nov 2009, you can get it and see my name in the credits. As well as my brothers roadster in a 10 page spread in the very prestigous Rodders Journal issue #32.

How about the vintage Harleys I have done? Would that work? One was a flathead 74 we put in a late model soft tail frame but put the upper tube and seat stay off a 1939 frame so it would have a pogo stick. Naaaa, I have a few photos but none SHOWING me working or something like that, and they aren't notarized either so what good is that.

I could post photos of the 55 Chevy truck I chopped, or the 34 Ford, or one of the Model A's, but I don't have any, I was too busy making a living. How about the 31 Model A that won best in class at the Grand National Roadster show that won over a fresh off the trailer 34 that had never hit the street while the Model A had over 10,000 miles on it. It was R&M lacquer. Good thing I kept some to repair it ten years after it was done because hit hit a fence with it.

How about all the 69-70 Shelby's, nope no photos, well a few. Camaros, Mustangs, how about them, damn only a photo or two of them sitting there done, I could have taken them of anyones cars and claimed I did them. How about a 40 pickup I did,it was pretty cool, Corvette yellow lacquer, crap, no photos to prove to you, how can I prove it so you believe me? I am torn, I am but a shell of a man because I can't prove to a guy on the internet that I actually have done these things.

I could post photos and tell you a lie, maybe I should do that, who is to know? I could post photos of cars that aren't mine and tell you they are and you would believe it, after all, that is all it takes is some photos.

I think we should have a test to take to post on forums, we need to get all people who want to post show photos of the work they do. Now, the funny thing is, I know a few posters on this forum who have NEVER, EVER posted a single photo that I know of. One in particular is a very valued member here, provides a LOT of great help to newbes and experianced a like, yet has never posted a single photo. Does this mean he is lying? No, it doesn't, that would be pretty foolish. But according to some people, that is exactly what it means, that he is lying, after all, where is the PROOF of what he does?

I don't know, we have a genuine conundrum on our hands. Ok, I will do my best to post some photos what may or may not be my work, you will never know, but I guess if it makes you happy.

I know I have posted lots of photos of late model cars that I put floors and frame rails and stuff like that? Does that count? I know it isn't customizing but pulling a twisted up 2008 Toyota and putting in a quarter and trunk floor and rear rails and rear body panel is kinda difficult isn't it? Would that count for something in my proving I can do this stuff?

I am just sitting here wondering how does someone post 5000 posts on how to do something if they don't really know how having never done it? Hmmmm

I don't know but somehow I hope I can make you happy one day so you can sleep at night knowing I am not pulling the wool over everyones eyes when I tell them how to sand plastic filler or weld a patch panel in.


Well you see I wasn't even talking to you.. But since you want to do some more here.. I can back my work up.. There is people here that is older then me that will let you know just how much I do.. I know there is many here that don't post pictures, But then on the other hand they don't try to throw their weight around like they know ''everything''.. Like you do.. If you will like I will get my wife to video me doing a car.. And as far as building up my self esteem... I really don't need to do that at all.. And as far as my pictures I post.. That is ''ONLY'' to help someone.. And it must help.. Because I do get enough PM's to thank me for it.. But I can fix that really fast for you.. I'm not here to get and any pissing match's with anyone.. And that's why I DON'T post here like I did.. I mostly post MY pictures to help.. That way I don't have to deal with People calling me a tard.. And as far as the 5000 post here.. Well let's just say that can fool a lot of people.. Not trying to say you don't know anything, I know you do... But I have also seen people that read everyday and can tell you ''everything'' On how to do ''anything''... And have ''NEVER'' touched a car in THEIR LIFE... Now You ''Don''t have to Prove anything at all to me.. But just maybe someone might want to see something.. And I find it funny How you did take pictures, And now you don't have any.. I really think this has going to far on this mans thread.. And I want to say sorry to him once more.. And I think you should do the same.. And let this man ''SHOW'' his chop..We can take care of this another time..

And Brian... I sleep very good every night..Thanks.. You try in have a good night ..

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