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Originally Posted by MARTINSR View Post
Henry, common sense can't be taught. And you can go thru an ICAR class and be handed the answers at the end, I don't know about you but the classes I have been to do basically that, tell you the answers to the test. Not only that, but if you have no passion in the subject you are simply not going to absorb the information. God knows I have been to a few ICAR classes that I couldn't tell you a darn thing I learned, it was a subject that bored me.

This guy, I don't know what to think about him, he has no passion what so ever in the science of paint. If you have no passion you can go to a hundred classes, you are going to walk away with nothing. Where you and I would test things and see where the boundaries are and so forth, he could care less, it's just a job.

Brian, you are so correct about this topic.

I have never been through any type body and fender training so I can't comment on it specifically but my experience elsewhere applies just the same.

I worked in the trades all my adult life.
30 Years in an aluminium rolling mill as a millwright, a welder, and a pipefitter, then the following 10 years since in the construction trades as a pipe fitter.

What I have observed over the last 40 years are there are 2 basic types of journeyman.

The first is the person who went through all the training, learned the theory about and how to do things they were trained in class or on the job.

The second type is the person who had the same training or not, learned a lot about it on the job , and has a natural aptitude to do the craft.

I call the second type a natural,although they could be a hack or an artist about their work. They have the "knack" .

People admire an artist that can draw a beautiful picture, me included. They say that person just has the natural ability.

People admire the Olympic athlete and their ability to perform at the highest level of their event.
Again it is mentioned they are just a natural.

The same thing applies to the trades, some can just grasp it in their head, almost be able to see through a steel case and diagnose a gear box or such, or take a set of blue prints and see the built structure before ground is broke, or equipment is assembled.

While experience does play a part, the natural ability will always elevate the Craftsman.

Another observation I have made is a person that excels in their field is almost always anal .

Thanks for reading my rambling thoughts
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