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K17 hit the nail on the head, however you have a more serious problem then just normal solvent pop of a re-coat.
Re-coat popping will normally happen with in 1-5 minutes of laying the second coat of clear, the first coat draws the solvent but lays fine and then those solvent get trapped in the second coat as the 2ND coat tries to flash.
When it happens on the first coat, the solvent trapping is so bad that what happens is it causes gassing and if after you spray a spot the clear will actually look like it is boiling for 2-5 seconds and then show pinholing.

To correct, sand all pinholes out, wash with wax and grease remover to make sure they are all gone and then the panel needs to be outside in the sun for one too two days (temp is not important, UV's are) or if you have an infra-red light, set four feet away and run for 2 hours if a medium wave and 1 hour if a short wave.
You can let that panel set in garage for a month and it will still pop on you if you re-coat otherwise.
Also do not try and beat the popping by medium spraying the first coat, that can cause the problem to be worse.

This is normal and not your fault or the clears fault, it is a baking clear and without cooking the tail solvents are going to hang in there for a good while in this kind of temp. 70 degrees will not pull out the slower solvents.

There is an exception to what I stated .
Wax and grease remover can cause this problem if it was not dry when first coat of clear was applied. Can happen in winter, unlikely but something to stew over.

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