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FirebirdFitzpatrick 02-19-2005 07:59 PM

Clutch on and off
Recently I went racing and when I went to do a burnout on my second pass the clutch started slipping terribly and my clutch pedal felt much softer. I managed to get it home without it slipping to much at all, then I re-adjusted it to see if it would grip better, and it did and seemed to work perfectly. A few blocks later it was back to how it was, maybe slightly better so I headed home then just as quickly as it went bad it went good again. I did a couple burnouts in second to see if it would slip but it held great just as it was before I went racing. The next day it was on again off again so I took the whole linkage assembly apart and made sure everything was tight and in working order. Still the problem persisted would work great then not. I drove it like this for the rest of the week and could not find a pattern as to why it would switch back and forth. Today I removed the clutch expecting to find damage or maybe a few loose bolts but everything appears to be in working order, the clutch is a little worn on the flywheel side and patch's of overheating do show (most likely form the bad burnout at the track) the pressure plate is blue in one section, even on the backside.

It is a centerforce dual friction clutch and I have been driving it for more the 6 months with no problems. The engine makes around 450hp and I have never used soft compound tires or abused the clutch until that one burnout. what could be causing my on again off again problems? Sometimes I can feel when the clutch becomes firm again, as if something popped back into place. I plan on replacing the clutch but I would like to know what is wrong with it. Has anyone had similar problems or have an explanation? Thank-you in advance.


4 Jaw Chuck 02-19-2005 09:46 PM

Sounds like the friction plate has delaminated and is now bowed in one (or many) section(s), did you do a runout check on the parts while you had it apart?

FirebirdFitzpatrick 02-19-2005 11:43 PM

I assume by friction plate you are refering to the clutch disc. I do not see any signs of delamination and runout appears to be well with spec. I have not yet checked runout on either the pressure plate or flywheel but I do not see how this could cause the clutch to work great for 10 mins then terrible for a while then good again. However I do only have working knowledge of the clutch assembly and little experiance in trouble shooting so I appreciate the opportunity to learn from those who know more

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